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"Strange Secrets: Real Government Files on the Unknown&


Sightings of Bigfoot in Grant, Rapides and LaSalle parishes, as well as a crop circle in Shreveport and the January 2002 UFO reports near Boyce have resulted in more attention being brought to issues of the unknown and the paranormal in Sportsman's Paradise.

Is the government looking into these mysterious events, kind of like FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully on the late, great Fox Network show, "The X-Files"?

According to "Strange Secrets: Real Government Files on the Unknown," a fascinating new Paraview/Pocket Books release by authors Nick Redfern and Andy Roberts, it appears that the American and British governments indeed have been quietly investigating the bizarre and strange.

Government agents have investigated everything from UFO sightings to the existence of Noah's Ark on a remote Turkish mountaintop, according to "Strange Secrets."

This 312-page book is a real page-turner and touches on events that I was surprisingly unfamiliar with. The reason I say that is that since I was a child I've been reading books that discuss ghosts, the Bermuda Triangle and the usual odd stew of esoteric topics, so I consider myself an expert of sorts.

The book is broken up into four parts - "High Strangeness," "Saucer Secrets," "Mind Games" and "X-Creatures." In each part there are subsections that talk about different events.

In the "Saucer Secrets" segment, Redfern and Roberts note that residents reporting strange lights floating over the English countryside in 1915 were never given an explanation for the appearance of the anomalous orbs.

In fact, the government agents reporting on these strange lights leaned toward the idea "that the lights were under some form of intelligent control."

What makes this interesting to me is that the modern UFO era began in 1947 with the Kenneth Arnold saucer sighting and the "Roswell Crash." You rarely hear of UFO's being reported prior to '47, but the British government clearly had.

There is also some good information about alien abductees and contactees being shadowed by government agents back in the 1950s and '60s. In one instance, an uncovered FBI report shows how they sat in on a talk given to an audience in Denver, Colo., by alleged contactee George W. Van Tassel.

Van Tassel's speaking engagements took place primarily during the late 1950s and early 1960s, at the height of the Cold War and concerns about communism.

It is believed the "subversive" California desert dweller (and inventor of a strange machine called an Integratron) was more than a kook; his socialistic views may pose a threat and had to be investigated.

"He said that he has also been visited by the people from outer space and has taken up the cause of brining the fats of these people to the American people," states the declassified FBI report dated April 26, 1960.

Other chapters tackle CIA reports regarding "remote viewing."

In a chapter called "Butchers from Beyond," the authors reveal a 1979 FBI document that tackles the strange topic of animal mutilations. This one is titled "Cattle Mutilations Occurring in Western States."

Citing a 1974 report out of Madison County, Neb., a witness reported seeing a glowing object with a "bluish green light" on it floating near a copse of trees. This sighting coincided with cattle mutilations in the same area where genitalia, ears, eyes and other body parts were meticulously removed.

There are many more eye-popping and jaw-dropping reports and information (Loch Ness Monster, spontaneous human combustion, among others) that leave more questions than answers.

It appears the American and British governments are as equally perplexed as the average witnesses are.

Redfern and Roberts definitely did their research. I hope they do a follow-up.

So if you're not sure whether to pick up "Strange Secrets," just remember Agent Mulder's motto; "The truth is out there."


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