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Hi, i'm new here and i was wondering, let's put lots of good spells on here so everyone can learn them

before an endeavor like this, i always like a warning or two...just to remind people that they are messing with things, that may not like to be messed with...including other intelligent forces that may have other interests in the person you target.

so...without further righteousness...

any time you attempt to alter another person's will, you are messing with forces you can not comprehend, any and all rituals or spells designed for emotional manipulation should be carefully considered, especially since they can backfire in cruel, strange and unusual ways...i don't believe in the three fold law, but there are fates and karma one should always consider...

with that out of the way, i'll offer a binding first, it seems that's the second most requested spell i come across...how to make someone stop harrasing someone

this is out of a spell and ritual book i own, that's out of print and based in ceremonial magick...so it's not as passive or pretty, as contemporary spells

attackers confusion spell
(a knot binding)
take a piece of twelve inch yarn(black is good)and hang it out in the open for at least twenty four hours, if in a place where your, attacker will see it, is even better.
on a convenient night(sunday during a new moon would work)

at eight pm, sit down alone facing toward your attackers general direction and tie a knot near the end of the yarn while saying.
"bind and twist, twist and bind, this knot shall enter (his/her) mind"
repeat at nine pm and ten pm, tying a new knot each time, place back outside and carry out for the following evenings, at the same time, when you have completed nine knots, tie the two ends of the yarn together, take the twisted loop  and throw it out saying...
"twined and tied, tied and twined, thoughts are twisted in (his/her) mind.  as this twister rots aways, shall (her/his) reason lose it's sway."
forget about it and go on your merry way...

something i whipped up...

on a new moon, best for beginnings, on a friday, the day of venus gather; cinnamon for spice, chose three rose petals of each color; red for passion, white for purity and pink to tender it all, a rose quartz so that the love may be strong, bundle it all in a pink material to seal it all with a green ribbon to keep it abundant.

hold this package to your chest and say...

goddess of this night, let my request take flight,
a lover honest and true, is what i ask of you.
*state desire traits*
on this night made for love, let my spell be done...

keep it with you until your love is found.

Phantom X:
Hey jordyn, what do you think of rogue magick? (Example: Someone who casts a spell that they made up, on the spot, without a circle or anything of the like)

I certainly believe it can work. It's the power of the mind using the spell, not the spell itself. 


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