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Recomending a Werewolf novel


'Bitten' by Kelley Armstrong

and the sequel....


I really enjoyed her books and am eagerly anticipating the third in the series. The series is called 'Women of the Otherworld' and the next book, Dime Store Magic, comes out later this year. Her first book 'Bitten,' about a werewolf named Elena, is going to become a major motion picture starring Angelina Jolie. If your an Anne Rice fan (like me) I think you'd really enjoy this series.

 Check it out

thnx for the suggetsion ive been lookin for a good werewolf book for a while but i havent really found so ya thanx

I'll have to check that one out... I heard about that movie, but I had thought that they stopped production on that early on... Not sure.. Either way...

Another decent series of novels is by Laurell K. Hamilton - you've probably heard of the "Anita Blake - Vampire Exocutioner" series... She has some pretty good werewolves/were-everything in her books, as well as vamps and run-away magi, but as the series progresses, she brings in a lot more sex and it ends up turning into a soft-core mushy mess toward the recent books... However, if you're looking for some kick-ass werewolves, and some ok-werecats, my three personal favorites with some good were-action (read: advised titles) are "The Killing Dance", "The Lunatic Café", and "Blue Moon". Unfortunately, she hints here and there about certain things that happened in past books. They're all pretty irrelevant because she repeats the crutial details for you, but if you're one of those REALLY curious critters that needs to know details, you should probably just start from the begining... The whole series is REALLY easy to read, and is all written in first person with no flashy language (which gets rather tedious at times in and of itself because she never uses any vocab-building words...). Frankly, at times, I just wanted to slap her and tell her to go find a dictionary...

That's all I got for now, folks - Adieu!!


PS: As far as REALLY BAD were-novels go, I highly advise you stay AWAY from "Canyons" By P.C. Spacek (I butchered the authors name, but you get the idea). It just kind of turned my stomach, and it had a pretty crappy ending.


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