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what torture method would you be?

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Bloody Angel:
Another happy test, ladies and gent

My first three torture devices are

#1   The Rack   :-D
#2   The Heretic's Fork  :roll:
#3   The Water Wheel  :|

Devious Viper:
1   The Stake
2   Braiding
3   The Cage

Dark Lord M:
#1 The Cage

#2 The Rack

#3 The Cross


Bloody Angel:

--- Quote from: Devious Viper on August 11, 2006, 06:58:10 AM ---2   Braiding

--- End quote ---
:? You torture people by braiding their hair?  It only works if your enemy has curly long hair

Devious Viper:
A person's limbs and joints were shattered, then braided through wheel-spokes or ladder rungs. They were then left to die slowly, either from internal haemorrhage, exposure, or thirst.


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