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Dark Asylum: Malice


Dark Asylum releases an orchestral Halloween album every year at the end of august.

Rue Morgue Magazine had this to say about Dark Asylum's previous album:
"A strange and subtle stroll through the audible darklands... Suitably foreboding and never panders to cliche."

"Orchestral and unnerving."

"...makes atmosphere into an art form."

What makes Dark Asylum different from other Halloween themed releases by groups like Midnight Syndicate is the use of real EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon. Why fake a wolf howling in the studio when you can use actual voices from beyond the grave? Dark Asylum spends two weekends a month (whenever possible) collecting EVP in new England cemeteries.

This year's release is titled MALICE and is by far the most aggressive, most atmospheric and most spooky. Dark Asylum not only brings the usual EVP and scary orchestrations, but uses a recording of an actual Russian orthodox exorcism! I hope you all check it out.

For more information, musical samples or to purchase check out my myspace profile, or visit:


Check out the Monstrous Myspace page at..

..and you will find 'Dark Asylum' on our friends list, as well as a sample of one of his songs, "Cthulhu Rises".

I recently had a chance to speak with Asylum, and not only has he agreed to let us use songs on Monstrous Radio and send us a commercial for his new album, but he also wants to relay that he's a big fan of! He goes through the archives here sometimes when looking for some ghoulish inspiration on his new Halloween albums.

Monstrous #5 will be up tomorrow night, and we'll start playing 'Dark Asylum' in episode 6. If you've got a Myspace account  please drop Asylum a line, or the official page at.....
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Good job, lets find some other prestigious signatures !!!!

Thanks, yes the work of 'Dark Asylum' is very engaging. Especially in light of the season, of which 'DA' annually partakes with a new musical project. Glad you endorse it Loki! I'm also very impressed by the art-prints in The Nicolas Caesar Gallery, which is currently on our top friends list at the 'Monstrous Project' as well...

But I hear you, it would be nice to incorporate as much musical and artistic talent as possible both here at, as well as the Monstrous Radio presentation. Perhaps we could put out a call for musicians who might like to have their songs played on the program? As long as it was a properly 'monstrous' offering..

I've got a couple of songs that i think might work for upcoming shows as well, I'm sure that in due time we could find another few bands/musicians who would support us playing their music on air. As long as Monstrous Radio doesn't just become a long commercial for alternative musicans and ordering information, but there is still plenty of room to play up and coming artists...

It could only make the show better....


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