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The Beauty of a Gothic Cemetery

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No matter what someone thinks about death or afterlife, everybody feels that special something when walking through the cemetery. And if its a gothic one... well, that is something aetherial. It is almost as you can feel all those dead, almost as they are alive, watching their own tombs with dignity and sweet pain of remembering something they have long forgot.

Old jewish cemetery in Prague (15. century)

  I dont know if that is the case with you, but I do like the peace and cold of a cemetery. Angels spreading their hands with swords, and wings that protect you. In your life, same as in your death. And if there is a funeral going (assuming you are not related to a deceased one), with all that chanting, people wearing black, and sobbing hardly for someone they really hated, and you can feel their "authentic" sorrow... no need to say more. 

I will go to our old cemetery, one of the four prettyest in Europe, and post the pics here. If any one of you has cool cemetery pics, please post here.

And if you ever been to a cemetery and something weird happened to you, please also share here.

very lovely my dear

i agree with you however their are precautions you must take you cant go in and party and be loud and hang with your friends, you must show respect be quiet their resting arent they. it is a place to relax reflect and listen for guidance from those who have experience. after all their dead do you really think they want a bunch of crazy wild disrespectful teens disturbing their sleep. as long as these things are considered i would encourage visiting a cemetary.

I agree.  As long as you are respectful, you can really enjoy yourself there. 

On a side, but related note.   These guys photograph cemetery's in my neck of the woods.  They haven't done the two huge ones in town yet.  I may have to dig out my camera and take some myself.

I agree with you both. I wrote this topic not for kids who just need a place that is dark and good for party, I wrote this cause of my love for that special kind of peace, silence full of meaning, and yes, offcourse, for guidance from those who exist in world that is between worlds.... and I just feel like crying when I see those wonderfull, great angelic statues (I saw the most beautifull one on a cemetery in Trieste)

Leapetra, I like your link  :wink:


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