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somebody should seriously start a set of tv channels dedicated to goths. have one for fashion and food, one for talk shows and news, one for movies and tv shows, and one for something else awsome. seriously my bro was watching nickelodeon and i realised that every goth kid portrayed on the shows were portrayed as evil psychotic bullys! wth! this is a very stupid stereotype. while i aplaud the portrayal of a more manly tough image of a goth not every goth is a killer or a bully or depressed. it drivesd me insane. if they made a tv show with kids or teens that were all goth but portrayed as good people i would donate money to that watch it and join the fanclub! seriously we need to take this to some tv station.

Goth TV? Now that's a new one! Goth, by the way, has gone mainstream long ago with the invention of Hot Topic, which isn't so much goth now.

Anyway!  :focus: It's sad theat they'd portray them on the show you watched as evil and psychotic, and the depressed goth thing is just...old!

Sorry to rain on your parade, but it'd never fly; for the same reason that prison and crime dramas that truly reflect 'real life' never do. The reality is nowhere near as exciting as the fiction. Unfortunately that means that the masses will believe that they can and should torment Goths and the like.

i agree with you. someone should start a tv show about goths, so that the side of t he goths can be heard and be understood by the people

Yeah somebody should, but I wouldn't know how or what it'd deal with.


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