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Top 10 Weird Ways We Deal with the Dead

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One of two opions for me
1./cremation and ashes sprinkled into the holy ganga
2./Take a rocket powered monkey driven spaceship straight into the sun


 For some reason I stopped reading at rocket powered monkey... and that image made me laugh so hard I nearly fell off my chair.  Sorry... sometimes my mind works slowly. LOL.

No need to apologize im always ready to make a sexy lady such as yourself smile

Cremation is the most proper way to reduce a corpse, instead of hanging them over the trees to rot.

I wouldn't care, it's not like I'll be worried about being uncomfortable after dying. A body means nothing after death, the soul will leave no matter what happens to the corpse. 8-) 

 Well thank you, dragonlord. Personally, I intend to donate my remains to the Body Farm. Study away, youngsters.


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