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this is one of the most interesting documentaty i have seen. even that almost everybody already knows this things in subconscious its interesting why nobody does nothing against these people and organizations.

Mr. Kreepy:
You know, I was very impressed with some parts of this movie, but other parts were very biased and lacked any credible evidence supporting them.
Oh well...Can't have everything, I guess.

For anyone interested, a sequel is going to be released very soon, entitled Zeitgeist: Addendum.


didn't watch it, wikipedia-ed it, don't want to watch it.

For the religion part: Don't care, religons are very complex things that I don't really want to touch on, but it has been documented that certain details in christianity were sumdged so that newly converted christans wouldn't been persucuted by there neighbors that were still following old religons.

For the conspiracy part: Who cares? The world is a matter of perspective, what you know exists exists what you don't know exists might or might not exist, what you've never heard of doesn't exist as far as your concerened, generations have gone by knowing less then we have and they've been happy enough, as they say, ignorance is bliss.

For the money thing: Why not? Hey a world goverenment might not be that bad, just think of the united states but where each state is a country, it could fall on either side of being a dictatorship or being not that bad but in ethier case it would certainly imporve if not remove much of the world's curent problems and it would be usefull in the eventual alien contact, notice how every planet in every sci fi thing is more or less one world goverenment?


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