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SARS: a new weapon against China ?


Biowarfare, starting with the anthrax attacks of 2001, later proven to have used a strain of the disease developed by the CIA;

The mysterious deaths of as many as 15 world-class microbiologists specializing in infectious diseases and DNA sequencing since 9/11;

The rush to enact unwarranted, draconian public health measures including MEHPA, The Patriot Act, and the Homeland Security Act which have violated the constitution and given the government the right to forcibly vaccinate or quarantine American citizens and to confiscate property without due process;
The documentary record of US, Israeli and South African attempts to develop gene-specific bioweapons; and

The reality that an irreversible peak and decline in global oil and gas production would cause a massive overshoot of population that could not be fed or managed with rapidly disappearing, non-renewable energy supplies which no amount of demand could replace. The end game of this decline would be direct competition between the United States and China, which are destined to be consuming as much as eighty per cent of the world's oil production by the middle of the century.

Back in November of 2001 I had concluded, based upon scientific data, that Peak Oil was real. It was apparent that the world's population had already overshot the decline and that this was going to be increasingly difficult to conceal. Events since that time, world oil production data and reports from CNNHN and the BBC have proven this correct. I also concluded, along with several other researchers, that one possible contingency plan developed by the world's elites was consistent with an option that had been discussed by scientists looking at Peak Oil issues as long as ten years ago reduce the world's population by as much as 4 billion people using biological warfare. Reduction to 2 billion represents sustainable food production levels demonstrated before petroleum energy and natural gas (ammonia) changed agriculture. I mentioned this likelihood in my first post-9/11 lecture at Portland State University in November of 2001. That was before most of the above events had taken place or were even known.

With much of my earlier research having since been validated, it is fair to ask if the SARS virus fits into this scenario. The answer is that it does and it doesn't. It is becoming clear that economic and military stresses caused as nations position themselves for the end of the age of oil raise the possibility of a global conflict which could be just as deadly as the energy famine itself. In other words, competition for energy might be as destructive as not having enough. Full public acknowledgement by the markets of the reality of Peak Oil could produce chaos long before shortages become acute. So one requirement that must be addressed in the "management" of Peak Oil is how to reduce demand and weaken the competition without disclosing the underlying issue.

In this role, SARS fits the bill perfectly because it has successfully terrified much of the world's population, weakened the Chinese economy and set the stage for more deadly diseases while avoiding the real issue. SARS serves the role of something long-practiced in covert operations and warfare a dry run on serious population reduction and management. Ultimately something will give. And ultimately as people begin to starve population issues will have to be addressed, both in terms of number and in terms of maintaining order. SARS, while most likely not the agent envisioned by some scientists as the "big one", conveniently serves the dual purpose of conditioning populations for the time when forced vaccinations may accomplish the task or when they will be told to surrender all personal liberties as a more deadly disease occupies the stage.

But to think of SARS only in that context is to miss a great many other "side effects" of the disease, not the least of which is the fact that it forces China to accept western medical and business practices favored by globalized financial interests and the pharmaceutical industry. It also strengthens the political clout of China's new leader Hu Jintao as he is forced to respond decisively.

As I have noted many times US-Chinese relationships are a double-edged sword. While China will ultimately become the US's main competitor for energy, capitalism demands debt, growth and increased sales to avoid collapse. China has long been recognized as the last great market for capitalist expansion. China is the market that US corporations like Motorola, Microsoft, GM, IBM, Intel, AIG and the pharmaceutical companies need to sustain growth, support share prices and pay dividends. While SARS appears to be hurting the short-term interests of some American corporations it may ultimately prove to be a bonanza for the WTO, the World Bank and the financial engines that can use debt and "transparency" to shift some of the west's economic weakness by lending dollars and compelling China adopt western practices.

The questions then are whether SARS is manmade and how it is man used. The answers, especially considering the US's history of engineering bioweapons and some very pronounced links to 9/11, are not reassuring. And there are lingering connections to the research work of the recently deceased microbiologists.

To access FTW's previous reporting on these issues please visit:
http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/index.html and look under the headings of Oil, Biowarfare and Civil Liberties. MCR]

Michael C. Ruppert
May 9, 2003


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