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vampires are undead too..right..

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vampires are undead too.....right....their bodies are dead but not kinda obsess with vampires.....

<---- checks himself>  I don't think I'm undead  :wink:  No seriously, though we are not undead. There has been some debate with a few people on here as to us being true vampires if we are not undead and some swearing they have seen/hunted undead vampires. Let me clarify a bit: there are demons, either imprisoned or freely roaming around in dead bodies. These are not vampires, though they are probally where the peoples of old got the story from. Yes they drink blood and behave much like us, but they are nothing more than a demon "borrowing" a husk to cause havoc and mayhem, as they do. If you would like to know some more about a living vampire pm me or look for some of my posts  and others in the vamipre clan.


--- Quote from: damned_one on June 03, 2008, 12:16:48 PM ---vampires are undead too.....right....their bodies are dead but not kinda obsess with vampires.....

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Actually my friend vampires are not the undead, or at least the modern day's vampires aren't. Vampires and the undead (zombies, etc) both hold some qualities that you can tell them apart and still other points that they slightly have in common. Vampires practice vampirism which is sums up to feeding off another individual, being it blood or psychic means and while zombies in some cases are thought to eat flesh, are mainly corpses brought back to life and/or by a curse, necromancy, in spiritual power and also shown in movies the theory of reanimating the dead through the creation of viruses and experiments.
My point is that feeding off of blood (practicing vamprism) is what makes a vampire a vampire, their bodies don't have to be dead.  0:)

same here

Actually, damned one, Vampires are not undead, it was a myth, made to make them sound scarier!


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