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vampires are undead too..right..

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--- Quote from: ImmortalKain on June 03, 2008, 01:51:19 PM ---Let me clarify a bit: there are demons, either imprisoned or freely roaming around in dead bodies. 

--- End quote ---

hmm, am i correct?

the undead ones are with demons inside them..


vampires are "real" ones..real, meaning, if your a vampire, your soul is still there..

are the zombies and other corpses somewhat controlled by demons?

Team Squidward:
Well, there are mant different variations f vampires, and some of them could be undead. Basically the vampire has been torn up so much that any creature who drinks blood can be considered a vampire.

Just out of curiosity my mate is a Vamp and well........Im not.  :-D  Is there any kind of weirdness or ackwardness in a pairing of a vampire and a wolfe? All the legends, movies, and other things say, boo, not to happen because they are enemies. Is there any truth in all that? Do vampires really hate wolves and vice versus?

No just making sure. I ve had my own opinion but I've probably just heard some wrong info from wannabe's. Thanks.

i say we r living but dead, our hearts till beat we still need the basics to survive food (blood), shelter (our homes) and well some of us still need communication so jus because we r cold and wlak around at night doesnt mean we r dead


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