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Twilight?! by SM

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I liked the books.  I think the thing that makes me like them is the fact that she explains things in detail...  I remember a couple of times she would be describing one thing and it would take her about 5 pages to explain it.  But the books weren't as good as everyone makes them to be.  It's just a typical Vampire and Human puppy-love novel.

I'm not a huge fan of the books, although I can say that she had a good plot going on. The one thing that really got me was the sparkly vampires. I've never heard of a vampire being discoball like.

Regina Terra:
Lol, I think I got my hands on one of her books, but I just couldn't get into it. I am a big Anita Blake fan, just can't get into anything else these days. :laugh:

My daughter read these novels and she did not like them  *<:)

Has to be bad, she likes them puppy love novels

I have to disagree. I love the series. I have read the 1st book, and I plan to read the other 3. i also plan to watch the movie. ilove how edward saves and cares about Bella. It is so romantic. I would date edwrd if he were real. He is soo my type.  :laugh:


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