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 If you have a nightmare that you want to talk about or ask for help with, here's the place to post it. I'll do my best to offer any advice and/or assistance that I can.

ok then can truma cause nightmares
cause I tried all of the things you guys told me and the nightmares only let up a little
and I am still having like 10+ nightmares a night

Trauma?  Yes.  Trauma can cause nightmares.

If a trauma is causing you to have intense or multiple nightmares, it could be a sign of PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. That particular thing requires treatment by a competent professional - not a Forum full of eager friends and helpers.

 Moloch is quite right, terror.. I suggest you seek professional help ASAP.

 And best of luck with it. I've had a few nightmares recently and I don't envy anyone that has them that much.


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