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Here are some of the books I've read and enjoyed:

A Taste of Blood Wine
by Freda Warrington

All of Anita Blake series
by Laurell K. Hamilton
(although some of her books in the series really had nothing to do w/ vampires)

Dead Until Dark & Living Dead in Dallas
by Charlaine Harris

Vampires: Encounters With the Undead
by David J. Skal
(encludes a lot of classics like carmalla and includes folklore, plus movies that were done w/ vampires in it)

by Sam Siciliano

by Karen E Taylor
(there are other books in the series, this just happens to be the only one I've read)

Vampires The Occult Truth
by Konstantinos

Told you guys I could recommend some books for you all lol  :wink:

Thanks LunarEclipse, I have read a book featuring Anita Blake and I don't like it 2 much ... :twisted:

when I read her firs book, I was a little undecided on her writing style. Like i can't read anne rice, just because her writing technique is crappy. But afterwards I started reading her other books and really enjoyed them.

iv been reading the Cirque du freak books by darren shan. there sort of aimed for younger teens (11-15 maybe) but i'v realy enjoyed them.

I can't read vampire literature anymore. I have had an overdose.. they make me cringe. But the last book I enjoyed about them was Katherine Ramsland's The Science Of Vampires.


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