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As I have seen there has been a lot of bickering and drama going around on Monstrous.  With this in mind, I think it may be a good thing for people to get things off of their chests and confess what they are truly feeling about any situation.

There is not a way that I know of to post anonymously, so what I have in mind is for people to send me their confessions and I can turn around and post those confessions on this thread. 

I will not tell anyone that it was you that said anything, but I will post your confessions for everyone on Monstrous to see.  That way, if there is something you need to just let the forum know but do not want to get any hell from anyone this is where you can do so.

I pledge confidentiality.  I promise that you can trust in me  :-)


--- Quote ---I am the first to admit I MAY ( :-D ) have a bit of a tendency to lose my temper on this forum, but let me explain please.

1- in my experience human nature just plain sucks. 

2-Ignorance runs faster than knowledge

3- the tendency to hate or judge what you do not understand and loudly proclaim it to the world

4-the path to enlightenment has potholes, and bodies of the unfortunate ones on either side

there are more, but since patience is a virtue I do not have just yet, I tire of confessions, they are too lengthy for me

(and support the mods who speak without fear of the general consensus)

--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---I really hate it when people test my intellegence.  I really do.  I'm not stupid.  I can be slow, yes, but that is because I prefer to believe that I can trust people and try to give the benefit of the doubt. 

It is to my dismay to say that there are some really irritating people that cannot be trusted to give me any kind of credit.  The kind that think that I am so stupid that I can't see something and that they must "guide" me to ensure I find the right path.  Ever thought that I just don't care enough to say anything, or that maybe I am just biding my time, waiting for the right moment to call you out?

Just waiting... biding my time...
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---I'm angry that if I try to post something about myself or anything, really, I have to eventually end an argument that might start because I can't make anyone mad because of their own ridiculous easily-hurt feelings that will cause them to lock a thread. That thread may or may not be mine, but I think that it shows not only a lack of respect, but also a childish way to end an argument because that person cannot handle being beat and have to get a last stupid word in. You willingly enter an argument to fight, with words I mean, and you should only lock the thread if it becomes way too harsh or out of topic. When getting involved you must be prepared to back up your views with facts and opinions, and when the other person keeps winning, don't get so immature and lock the thread because you've either lost or you can't come up with anything else to say.

--- End quote ---


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