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U2 - Bono really sucks and they have been doing the same s**tty songs over and over

Coldplay - Being so popular is a proof that most people have no taste ...

Madonna - she is a shame for the true Italian women ...

Please add more ...

Sting- ecowashing, being Sting

Michael Jackson- why, mama????

Janet Jackson- why, mama, again???

Eros Rammazzoti- I hate his eeckie figettino vocce

Michael Stipe- for shagging The Bytch aka Courtney The Black Widow Love

Mick Jagger- simply for being grouse and hit by the train of Time

Paul Mc Cartney- reptilian

ps:I have more coming...


Sebastian Bach

The Nelson Twins

Conway Twitty - Just because

Zach De La Rocha - Because he's a self-righteous little, no-talent piss-ant. I despise him...

Britney Spears - Overrated. Grievously so.

Julio Iglesias (a vomit icon seriously missing)


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