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Emergency Sex


Firstly to markus: Slightly sorry about the title however I'd have to say it anyway as it is the name of the book.

Now to everyone:

--- Quote ---Over and over I replay in my head the implications of what we've just done. We told the Haitians that we couldn't physically stop their government from torturing and killing, but that if they told us in detail who was doing it and how, we'd bear witness and seek justice. Eventually the world would be outraged enough to send soldiers and reinstall democracy...

They believed us, risked their lives to turn up at our offices all over the country, in full view of their attackers, to tell their stories. They exposed themselves, crawled in and spilled their guts, sometimes literally. They trusted me... Now that they are at their most vulnerable, we're abandoning them, frozen in the headlights, roadkill for the macoutes' machine. And we're flying out, clutching our precious blue UN passports and bags full of Haitian art.

We just showed Haitians that our lives are more valuable than theirs...

The most basic principle they teach you at medical school, years before you even get to touch your first patient, is "First, do no harm." But harm is exactly what we've done, identifying the next victims for the asassins running Haiti..."
--- End quote ---

Emergency Sex is a book written by 3 employees of the UN, one is a recently divorced admin officer, another is a lawyer wanting to write about something more interesting than a New York trial for his first thesis out of law school and the last is a veteran doctor from New Zealand, there because he needs to help, no matter what he does he gets drawn back into the cess-pits of the world.

Every single word is truth, it destroys every romantic delusion I have ever had regarding the UN and I thoroughly reccomend it to anyone looking for something more real and less supernatural or anyone studying the most horrific events of the 90's.

Because that's exactly what you'll get.

No problem .......even though the title caught my attention

So much so.... I was going to buy it  :lol:

Thanks- I will give it a check out here when the first roles out and I get some money- Been wanting to get some neew readings.

Well it blew my mind but I guess, it might not be the same for a guy who shares his body with multiple demons in a shared-host kind of way...

And good Markus, hope you like it  :-D


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