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2012 Is coming:
I am currently writing a series of books about Vampires and Damphyrs, but have run out of "original ideas".

I have created my own breed of Vampires by breeding a Nosferatu with a Baobahn Sith, but things have dried up. I would be ever so grateful if someone could reignite the spark.

Many thans for reading.......

Could you give us some more details regarding storyline and tell us what the underlying themes/message is going to be?

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And welcome 2012 to monstrous

2012 Is coming:
First of all thanks Markus for puttingthis in to the relevant forum.

Second; Ryobi...

I dont want to give too much away (could be my only chance to make millions lol)

But the basic outline is that i have 2 characters very close like brothers, who are trying to stop a new super breed of Vampire. One of them is a Vampire but only drinks blood from the blood bank, he is the one that was born one of these super Vampires. His creators are after him for his blood, because one drop can turn an ordinary Vampire in to the super breed. The super breed being invulnerable to Sunlight, Silver, Holy Water and pretty much everything else.

The only way to kill them is to behead them, or, to inject them with this virus that the 2 characters have been working on since ones mother died.

The reason the followers need the blood from this one person is that they cant wait another 21 years for anothers blood to "mature".

Ultimately its Good v's Evil, but with a few nice twists in he middle and at the end.....

p.s. This is not like Twilight.

Thanks for the idea, consider it stolen!!))
Just kidding, and it is a bit Twilight.. kidding again.. or am I?
Anyways, when you've got writer's block, drink and think and sleep less and think a lot. Then one day you'll look in the mirror and see a super breed of a vampire and your inspiration shall be back.
If I were you, I'd add demons to the story. And gargoyles. And zombies, who would be like the failed vampires. And the Devil as the head of the whole damn bunch!
I need a drink.


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