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Personaly, I like the Residents. Other are just old wrestlers doing metal ;-)

Well, Loki, I've never heard of "The Residents", but I have heard of, and heard, every other band on this list. I chose Slipknot, for obvious reasons. Though I must point out that ICP isn't really a metal band... they're more in the rap/hip hop genre. Though to be honest most other artists in that genre won't claim them; they're pretty thoroughly hated by a lot of other musicians.

I would not qualified ICP as rap or hiphop ... It is a kind of crossover with simplistic melodies. Some songs are hiphop, other are more in the fusion style (RATM, ...) or even Beastie Boys (See 'Sabotage' album).

Last but not least, they are white and white rappers are unfortunately always discriminated ...  What's the news from Necro ?  I heard this guy was in metal before ???

He has a new album out... that's about all I know right now. Though I will say I think he should be in that poll since his stuff is a lot more metal than hip-hop. He even calls his style "death rap".

Andrea Warfare:
Dude,he raps.Its rap.


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