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Would like some good books to read

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I need some more books to read... I seemed to have read all the books in my house... twice... Sometimes three times...

So please recommend some books to me, any genre. I do prefer mystery/ thriller, but I'm open to everything :)

I found a good older book at the local book thrift shop, "Starfinder".

There's also:

"American Gods" by Neil Gaiman

Anything by Stephen King, especially the Dark Tower saga and "The Stand".

"The Damnation Game"

Most of Marion Zimmer Bradley's works.

I can add more later if you want.

That should be good for a start. I read fast, although I can't read Steven King, to much detail for me, it kind of makes me drowsy...

I'll try those other ones though :D Thanks

  I would also like to add to the Fantasy list

  Terry Goodkind
  Tad Williams

  As for Horror/Suspense you can try these guys.  Think of them as a lower version of S.K. (Disregard if you already have them)

  Dean Koontz
  John Saul

  Let us not forget John Grisham, an awesome legal writer (among a few other areas) and Micheal Crichton.  If you go for Crichton I suggest you go after the Titles of Jurassic Park (All of them), Congo, and Sphere.  The books make the movies (Which in and of themselves are great) look amateurish. 

I've read A Micheal Crichton book, I've read almost all of Dean Koontz books minus the Odd Thomas series (I couldn't do it, it drove me bonkers.) I'll look into John Saul, and the other two authors. :)


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