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What are some of your favorite books?

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I have a lot of favorite books that I can read over and over, do you have any books like that? I ask because I need a couple new books, even though I have a list to buy, it's always good to make that list bigger in my opinion.

A few of my favorite books:
Cabinet of Curiosities - Douglas Preston/ Lincoln Child
The Book of The Dead - Douglas Preston/ Lincoln Child
The Temple Dogs - Molly Cochran/ Warren Murphy
By the Light of the Moon - Dean Koontz

Salems Lot by King   The Gunslinger, also by King, its the first in the Dark Tower series. After youve read that one you will probably be buisy for a while finding and reading all the rest of the series, theyre prety awsome

Actually my dad has the whole series, I could never get into many of Kings books. I don't really know why.

I think I would like your Dad :-D    Try this one, Crimson by Gord Rollo, it hooked me faster than any book ever has. Just read the prelude, before you even take it home. It will only take a couple minutes.

The Wheel of time series has been my best friend since last year haha


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