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Interesting read on tantra. . .


"Aspects of Tantra

5 Essays exploring modern Tantra." by Phil Hine

I'm currently reading this pdf for free online, for anyone interested:

--- Quote ---Mention Tantra to most people, and they will invariably think of sex-magic.
Only the other day I was chatting over the phone to a friend in America,
and happened to mention that I was currently involved with a Tantric magic
study group. My friend became very animated, and in tones of some envy said that
he’d always wanted to find a group where people were willing to do Tantric magic
with each other. It was at this point that an alarm bell began to ring in my head.
“Look,” I said, “I mean Tantric magic, not group sex.” “Oh,” my friend replied, “I
wasn’t aware that there was anything more to Tantra than group sex.” Now this kind
of reaction isn’t untypical, even among otherwise experienced occultists. Over the
last few years, whenever I’ve mentioned my interest in Tantra, I’ve often watched
people’s mental gears grinding away as they visualise contorted sexual postures and
perhaps, unusual combinations. To think of Tantra only in terms of sexual rites is
a gross oversimplification.
--- End quote ---

The quotation you offer from the introduction completely contradicts the remainder of the book's text  :-)

Heh, I've just started reading it, I quoted the very beginning paragraph for everyone =)


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