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The Thing in the Lake by Remy Porter


Remy Porter:
My first published work in a while came out a couple of days ago on Amazon kindle. It's a British horror-comedy set in The English Lake District called, The Thing in the Lake. Here is the blurb. Hope you give it a look at Amazon.




In Bowness-On-Windermere, in the idyllic English Lake District, enthusiastic, but somewhat green, Probationary Constable Nyles Stratton-Johnston reluctantly finds himself stationed with an assortment of odd balls under the dubious command of Ellroy ‘Hellboy’ Pearce.

Usually there isn’t much for them to do on a wintery Wednesday night, aside from harassing the occasional motorist and scaring each other with ghost stories. But strange things start happening: there’s an unnatural mist, a yacht adrift on the lake and two campers on an island who discover that they’re not alone.

It quickly becomes clear to Stratton-Johnston and Hellboy that there’s something out there beneath the surface of the water, something big, hungry and possibly tentacled. The time has come to rally some courage, find a weapon...and try not to become a canapé.

Remy Porter:
This is now called The Monster of Coniston Water.


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