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Anyone here knows about the 'travelers'


Anyone has a knowledge about this? I'm quoting from a blog: futurespastfuture.blogspot.co.uk (Hope giving a link isn't against the rules)

They call themselves "travelers". Most of them are people in power, like politicians, celebrities, famous writers and even presidents. What makes them special is that, they have the ability to split their minds from their bodies. It's kind of an astral projection, but in a more powerful, concious way.

When they travel, they can collect knowledge about anyone and use it anyway they want.

They can walk in and out of our dreams. They can change our dreams, make us see nightmares. They can get into places which noone can and listen to our private conversations, see our private places. They can steal our dreams from us, they can erase them or feed us with information which we have no idea where it came from.

On their dimension, lives many, many different kinds of creatures. Some of them good, some of them bad. All of them, very, very powerful.They are our worst nightmares, they are dream-stealers, night-crawlers, demons, bakus, and they are going to be our armageddon.

The one that pursued me from London was a guardian. A protective spirit of a city. He controls who passes by, and he has the ability to touch our minds without hurting our bodies. Please don't be fooled when I say a 'protective spirit' and 'without hurting our bodies', because even if he can't touch us physically, he can terrify us, haunt us and make us loose our minds.

There are those, who can hurt our physical bodies by touching our minds. They can give us brain aneurysms, they can push us into commiting a suicide, they can push us into murder, they can make us loose our minds and end up in mental institutions or they can make us alcoholics, drug addicts, they can make our minds believe our dreams so badly that it can actually cause physical pain or/and scars. They have so many abilities which I don't know about, and which we should be scared of. When we come a little close to them, they can cause us everything.

They are those who are in power. They are those who run our countries. They are those who can enter these dimensions willingly. They work for and with these other creatures that exist in a dimension which we can't see with our physical eyes. They are the real leaders of our world and we are their puppets.

The man in my dreams, the man I saw twice in real life is a 'trapper'. He and all the other trappers, protect the balance between our and their worlds. When something or someone get out of control, he hunts them. He is the protecter of this very well kept secret. He is that side of us which says 'bulls**t' to all the things we experience which are supernatural. Trappers are the people who tries to keep things quiet without physically hurting anyone. When there is a bigger mess than they can cover up, they are the Angels of Death.

They are good guys and bad guys, but soon they will get sick of being invisible and destroy us. They are the stories our grandmother's told us, they are the beings we call 'mythical' or 'fairytale'.


Well thank you Jake :)

Truth shall set you free

cool story bro... so what emergency help were you asking about?


--- Quote from: thealchemist on January 28, 2013, 06:41:22 AM ---cool story bro... so what emergency help were you asking about?

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I have to agree, this type of discussion will be best in this area.


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