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Maafa 21: is there a connection from slavery and eugenics to birth control, abortion and black genocide today?


Oy broschvecht! This really makes my head spin!  :-o

I'm not a massive fan of Alex Jones, but he does put forward a very similar - and offers a very persuasive albeit not watertight case for it - conspiracy theory in Slow Kill Holocaust: Proof the Government is Killing You. Jones - perhaps not unexpectedly - goes a step further and alleges that the enforced birth control is not solely targeted at African Americans.

This concept of the "population control" conspiracy is not new - Maafa 21 shows that it has been talked about since the late 60s/early 70s - but it is definitely one that is gaining more traction. Awareness of dwindling resources and the current global crisis is certainly fanning the flames here.

The recent UK tv drama, Utopia, also revolved around this subject. In that show, the shadowy Network - a government sponsored global black ops outfit - were attempting to execute a plan to mass sterilise the human race. By making 95% of the population infertile it would halt rising world population and save the race from itself. To administer the required chemical agent, outbreaks of extremely contagious and lethal strains of 'flu were engineered (the victims were actually poisoned) and the sterilizing agent was added to the new 'flu vaccine...


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