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I got a bad fever at one time and I went to go sleep. as soon as I close my eyes I saw a lot of evil things. So I opened my eyes and then closed them again. This time I saw a evil face and it came to me and started to choke me. So I started to pray with all my might and was fighting to get away. this is when I heard this face grunted and I woke up. I called my mom and she slept in my room and also dream the same evil guy in my room. She told me the next morning.  i would like some advice on why this happened.

Any number of reasons, the brain talks to us in strange and symbolic ways.

I don't know what the term "evil" means to you, but it sounds like it could be a demon. I have little experience with those, but have just started to read up on them. I don't know for sure, but with things like this, it's best not to be ignorant of the possibilities but instead, to be open-minded. Just listen to others, I was just proposing one possibility.

I think this advice might be a little premature at this point, there's too little information, a fever is involved and at the extreme this advice at this point could exasperate the experience, even demonllogists eliminate  natural causes before turning to a supernatural cause.

Most jump to "it's a demon!" conclusion to any unpleasant human experience that may simply be a mind's response to an infection.

well i don't think it's my mind since my mom dreamt the same thing also


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