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I'm Back guys :)


For those who don't know me, my name is WinterHybrid, and I have been a dormant member of Monstrous for approximately a year. I am a, well, hybrid (Half Werewolf, half Vampire) with a strong connection with witchcraft and the ability to forfill more than those twice my age in the magical aspect. I am the Alpha of an online pack (
My ultimate aim is to aid those who may not know as much, or those who are scared, etc.
PLEASE feel free to email me at
If you wish to join my online pack, you must email me before hand, and I will give you the application form (Don't stress, It's not that hard)
Now, some people have been, loud-mouthing how I have been inactive for such a long period of time, *cough* Finrod *Cough*, which I was quite appalled by to be honest. These people are in my pack currently, which really makes me wonder about their true loyalty.
Sorry, I'm ranting... I just wanted to say hi, promote my pack and obviously, help those in need.
Now, I live in England, and the majority of people on this site are American, which annoys me, seeing as there is so much of a time difference (It's like, 5 hours) I mean, it is 13:32pm here, so, obviously, that causes problems....
I'll really try to catch all of your emails and messages, but I am truly sorry if I don't get yours, I promise I will make it up to all of you x
Anyway, all my love,

What times will you be online?
Cause I wana talk to somone :(

Well, I'm in England so, I guess whenever I can....Uh, I usually go on at about....12pm here, so...I think that is 6 am there, but you can definitely contact me whenever :)


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