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Serpent Head Found in Center of the Brain? (Animation)

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Also known as "Oxford" and "Cambridge." That's why they have the boat race - its a reptilian water ceremony.

According to David Icke, anyway.*

*"A network of the same kind operates in Britain at Oxford, Cambridge..." The Biggest Secret, chapter 11 (1999)

LMAO!  :laugh:

Bane Bloodfang:
I see the snakehead but I actually saw what resembled Alien first :B

Hrrm I was thinking on posting a thread ( assuming one doesn't exist) about the Reptilians, due to the fact that in the demonic section reptilian eyes has been discussed as a sign of possesion but theorists say its an alien race hence reptilian eyes. Figured it could be a good one to debate but wouldn't know which section it should live in lol

Exactly this one, Theories. ;)


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