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--- Quote ---But that wouldn't be "being honest."
--- End quote ---

I beg to differ :)

That wasnt the only study, but im too lazy now to dig others. The truth is, we should be paying attention on who is paying for the study and who published it in the first place. Yeah, im a tinfoil hatter, but world works through money and power, not through well being of its inhabitants. I didnt say all vaccines are bad, i vaccinated my own child with most of them. I skipped the nano particle one, cause i could choose, or better said, i knew i can choose. Left my kiddos doc a bit amazed that i even know of this, so what im asking is, why is it such a surprise that a parent knows whats in the vaccine? Hell no im not gonna let my child be infected with additives that could bring more havoc than rescue. Also, if i may add, my child almost died after being vaccinated with 8 months. Of course, the doctors said its a bacteria, but the second doctor didnt even find it in traces, and confirmed she wasnt the first that had serious problems after being vaccinated. Also, i visited a lot of forums for parents, u can find a large number of testimonies and pictures of results....

Jonas Salk is one.

--- Quote ---"...chemtrails" - there is no credible evidence that there is such a thing.
--- End quote ---

not even the pilots of such planes? ;)


--- Quote ---most of them are. i hate to burst ur bubble, but most men dont join the police cause they wanna be a hero, they join to fill their lil egoistical frustrations ;)
--- End quote ---

To clarify, most people join the police because they must satisfy their egotistical frustrations?  Most people, as in at least 75% of the police, is that fair to say?  Can we off of your reasoning assume that at least 75% of the police are corrupted officials who lust to assert their authority?  These conclusions can be drawn off of that one statement you made. 

--- Quote ---Hm, weird, it looked to me that people were doing the same when we talk about Christians for example ;)
--- End quote ---

I didn't realize that the mistakes of others became my burden to bear.  I do believe I said something like this though "In my personal experience, which certainly does not represent the whole of religious people".  Feel free to criticize me for my actions, not the actions of others. 

--- Quote ---Science has lead mankind to its greatest achievements and brought the highest quality of life in human history.  The same CANNOT be said of religion
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Cmmon, r u serious?

Do a lil research and see how many parts of the world got medical care, water, electricity and schools cause of the Church? Some of the greatest artists were payed by the Church as well. Those of highest quality too ;)

Science maybe led us to this point where we all sitting comfy by our laptops and debate while sipping instant coffee. But take a look around, a very good look, and if u have at least a bit of reason, u will notice its not THAT great.

Its easy to spit on God and faith and all that when one lacks the same. No one has to believe in it. Its a personal choice. But science doesnt give u that. Its firm, rigid and prolly the only ones that are aware of its thin walls are astrophysicist. You know, the guys that are aware of mutlidimensional reality :)
--- End quote ---

Yes, I am serious.  Medical care, water, electricity, and education.  Modern medical care....that's science.  Irrigation, water treatment facilities, water desalinization, among numerous others, are all products of science.  The way electricity is harnessed and used is a product of science.  The church is merely a user of technology, the same way the United states is a user of technology that dropped the bombs to wipe out nagasaki and hiroshima.  It all comes down to individual people and their intent.  Go back and look at what I said, do you really think the word religion would better replace the word science in that phrase?

I believe you would change your mind if you were sitting in a hut in 450 A.D. south africa, hunting for your own food, with a life expectancy of 30 or so years.  If you're willing to say that the time we live in "it's not THAT great", it's my opinion that you simply don't appreciate the contributions many people have made for the benefit of mankind. 

So...science is firm, rigid, and by thin walls I assume you mean it has weak legs to stand on.  Science is very flexible, and skeptics are often highly rewarded when a well established belief is proven wrong.  Newton's laws were once thought to be universal, but einstein proved that under certain conditions, Newton's laws did not apply.  Science is not firm nor rigid, it is the very opposite.  It's highly flexible, and it's always seeking for the correct answer.  As for your comment on multidimensional realities, you seem to laugh it off as crazy talk.  What you propose about God and demons and spirits, from an empirical point of view, is more worthy of being laughed at than multidimensional realities.  Multidimensional realities has mathematics and theories to back itself up, just look at String Theory.  What does religion have in terms of evidence to back up it's claims?

--- Quote ---Based off of the positions you've taken and proposed, I have a difficult time believing how logical your mind really is.  And I mean that in no offense, but more of blunt honesty.

Oh im not offended, im quite aware that some lack the ability to see outside the box. Being blunt as well :)

--- End quote ---

Seeing outside the box = throwing a logic, evidence based, scientific approach out the window? 

I read what u wrote, and in all seriousness, i dont find it worthy replying. You make assumptions and take it to a personal level, when all we do here is DEBATE.

Actually, I am working on my life in such direction that i will soon (i hope) leave this system and go live in a hut and hunt my own food. :)

--- Quote ---do you really think the word religion would better replace the word science in that phrase?
--- End quote ---

no, i dont, i took the current of the debate to that area to show u a point. which u missed (need glasses by any chance?)

--- Quote ---As for your comment on multidimensional realities, you seem to laugh it off as crazy talk
--- End quote ---

dude, u really do have a hard time catching the "spirit of a convo". It wasnt laughed off at all, it actually in short said what u elaborated in ur answer... lmao

--- Quote ---What does religion have in terms of evidence to back up it's claims?
--- End quote ---

you must have confused me with a religious person :D

--- Quote ---Seeing outside the box = throwing a logic, evidence based, scientific approach out the window?
--- End quote ---

"Thinking outside the box" and "thinking beyond the box" (also called "thinking out of the box" or "thinking outside the square" ) is to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective

says Wiki :)

Hands up and a tip of my hat to nina i agree completely

I will do the same and disregard your entire post, but on different grounds.  You're too easily offended, when all I am doing is debating.  I'm not attacking you.  I think it would benefit you if you were to improve your critical thinking skills.  Be more of a skeptic. 

If you make a claim, and I ask for evidence, you don't have to present me or anyone any evidence whatsoever.  Just don't expect anyone who possesses a sufficient understanding of science to believe you. 


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