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Child Sacrifice in London


Child Sacrifice in London:

This is only the tip of the iceberg...

Queen raina Loup-Garou:
Yeah that is just a bit over the top. Everyone knows if your going to sacrafice something it has to be small and furry. lol

Im just jokeing I cant believe i said that. lol

That's really sick. Paranoid as it may sound, I have little doubt that the Force had it's hand in it.

U And Ur Force,U Know Where U Can Stick It? Right Up Ur *%  Eum,i mean thats horrible sacrificing children,eum Shadowling Not everything is by the force u know,there some real sickos walking this planet (NO NOT MEANING SYBON,well actually yeah i mean him too :D) Things like this happen all over the world might even be happening now,its not because this one is discovered that it will be stopped,...

Yes but, the Force is essentially the negative Force behind all happenings right now.


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