Author Topic: UFO!! WHAT'S IT'S ORIGIN!!  (Read 2044 times)


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« on: February 22, 2007, 05:31:39 AM »
As u already know the end of the world is coming soon, and know we are living in the anti-christ age. And it's really obvious that the devil is preparing all it's power to prepare our minds to accept the idea of the christ's fake second coming!!

These "advertisements" that satan sends is through ufo sightings from other planets that communicates with humans through telepathic powers which is clearly the devil's famed power through the ages!.

We know that satan can implant an idea into our minds through this type of power, like illusion, and he has been using it to make us fall into his trap and fall, and now he is using it to make us fall into the idea of UFO bullsh*t .. and infact this power proves by it self that the ufo is infact a demonic plan!

Many people have claimed seeing ufos and that they kidnapp the victim and do some kind of experiments and the talk through telepathic powers (transfer of thoughts!) which is clearly a demonic power.

The ufo sightings have even came to a serious level at 27th of september in 1989 when a real ufo landed on th soviet soil!

In truth this ufo is but the Chariots of the Cherubim.. we all know that the devil is infact a fallen angel and its from the cherubim kind

It's written in the bible that the angels are of 2 kinds the Cherubim and the Serafim each have 6 wings and 4 wings, respectivelly .. each have a flying vehicle and this is written in the bible and many prophets have detected it.

And when satan fell, he grabbed one third of the angels of heaven and they are now the demons .. this explains the lack of stars at the north of the galaxy.

And know the devil is perparing his final plan inwhich he will use every power he has to make wonders, so we would believe them and fall onto his trap.

He will reveal the anti-christ and an inhabitant of another planet who comes to save us from evil!!

Also people who call upon spirits and are hypotenised to talk to the "aliens" are infact hunted with evil spirits and those who are hypotnised are easy to be controlled by demons since they lack consiousness

And know since we are near the end we should believe any of this fake stories which will keep coming and make us fall. And it is written that 2 third of the people will fall and only 1 third will survive


Fire awaits the evil ...


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« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2007, 01:01:08 AM »
Welcome Tormentor.....

I agree that there is a connection to 'Aliens' with Demons and Angels, as well as other races of fairy, elf, giant and a huge variety of  historical, shapeshifting entities in-between. It is in the landscape betwixt devil and divine, holy and blasphemous, real and imagined, where our questions really lie. Are these in-fact physical realms made manifest, or merely projections of our subconsciousness, and superconsciousness entwined within widespread folklores and mythologies?

UFO's are real, but many of the reports of them are not. Likewise, there are fairly logical explanations for what they might  be comprised of without having to accept it as Alien, Angel, or Demon.......
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