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Re: Take some time to broaden your consciousness.
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Awesome post KitsuneFue!

The Iraqis were surrounded and supply lines cut, making them thirsty, hungry, and unsanitary; this helped the “sounds of silence” work that much more effectively.  The Iraqis didn’t suffer the same supply line problem in their war with the Iranians.
Since the government owns the broadcast signals (ostensibly, because it paid to develop that infrastructure) it’s anxious to supply those converter boxes to avoid litigation, over taking away the utility of those broadcast airwaves, from the citizen “owners” the government is said to represent.

Interesting to contemplate how the broadcast airwaves will be used next,  given the advances in screen technology, to receive those airwave broadcast frequencies; so that “sounds of silence” can be complemented and reinforced by “seeing is believing” – shall I delve into it here or expound upon it in my next novel?
Next novel, I guess.  So psy-ops techniques are deployed covertly on dictators’ and tyrants’ turfs:  I don’t like dictators and tyrants.  Perhaps to publicize and raise expectations of use on the general citizenry is to raise objections against its use at all, and then such objections being raised, leave the dictators’ and tyrants’ to their evil ways.

Eisenhower’s warning about the military-industrial-complex can be simplified as follows: the executive branch of government has grown to overwhelm the other two branches.  The executive branch has grown from a cabinet of presidential advisors to departments of government – each department full of agencies – and together represents the single largest employer in the country.  Congress is overpowered administratively, if not politically, even if they hold the purse strings.

How susceptible people are to the subject technology depends on structure of mind and level consciousness.  Most people are brought up having minds structure to look outside selves to “external authorities” for guidance and answers – these people are most susceptible.   Level of consciousness has to do with people knowing about the internal and eternal frequencies within selves.
Nevertheless, we’re all susceptible.  My experience is that NWO is more about greed and profits, than of the dictator / tyrant bent.  :-D :-o :wink: 8-)

Who is Carson Dane?
“The cause for aging and death in human types must be using the brain in manners inconsistent with reality.  The reality of nature is whatever it is; perhaps believing it is something other than what it is, is deadly.”