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 From the center where all is given and from where all manifestation flows I bring forth the answer to the questions. The abundance of your life is given. You are promised everything you wished for and you are now one with all.

There are those steps and passages which you have undertaken to reach this place of conscious awareness. It is your ability to respond telepathically to the other realms that allows this information to pass to you so easily. In this time of metamorphosis you break through the barriers and awake to experience the Oneness of life, becoming a co-creator. As I speak and know these messages are clear and without contamination. From my perspective you are pure and wise with heart of gold. This is the nature of your life and I see you in this light and you are the one who knows the way to the world.

The faces of the pain and the images of the dramas are only that which are unreal. The illusion is so weak that you can see through all the veils and the deceptions. The illusion weakens to a point where it is transparent, and there on the other side you can see the creators of evil and how they act in their own selfish interests and are without merit. The fullness of life is gathered by the content of the wise souls who lead for others and bring love into the equation.

In the formula of sovereign ownership is the ability to accept, to know the truth and to be one with the will of the greater good. With the ownership of your life beats the rhythm of emotion guiding the harmony of humanity's purpose. The time of the Black Alliance is finished. They are not empowered with any energy. The domination of the strong over the weaker has no meaning. It is forgotten pain where there is forgiveness now of this mistaken identification with polarity. Their time is past and now the powerful are the fallen. Forgive them for they are lost and hopeless in their quest for greatness. They have no place to hide except in their misery for a lost dream of nothingness.

Be in the happiness of a new soul born with the freedom to play and find the jewels of your own nature. Live in the peace and joy of the natural world which was created in the heart of the loving mother and recreated in your appreciation. There is nothing so great and blissful than the appearance of love and beauty within the heart of the human soul. For here is the meaning of that which is pure and that which is an aspiration and the glow of being. Your next step is to walk upon the path of initiation and to seek the fulfillment of the human condition to that which is going to always be the new world. The ending of the old game and the beginning of the new will be the heritage of those who are on the path now. The game has begun and all will find achievement of their wishes, dreams, desires and aspirations. The world is changing and the time of perfection is becoming realized as has always been the prophesy.

Control lessens as the energy of the new cannot be held, cannot be frozen in time. The world turns to melt away that which is holding back the advent of the coming Age of Light. You let it happen with words spoken with purpose and faith. Each mind opens as the worlds spin above and send the energy deeply into your eyes. See the world of the time, see hope in every moment. See the greatest of all times before you as your light shines out to the universe. Listen to the calling of the winds of change, they blow strong and relentless. The coming transformation is empowered and given Divine strength. The urging of the universe and all who stand borne of it, stand in the light that you shine forth. There is the gift of forever that brings all that is to the doorway whereupon you stand at the threshold. Open your heart which is that door so that you may become the Wayshower to the many who follow. You have heard the calling.

The transformation to the Golden Age. Reality is clear, clean and creates union. Life is shared and founded on trust. There is goodness in all revelations of promise. Humanity lives long and healthy. Truth is given freely to all who seek. Every moment shares truth, joy, and the power to steward greater transformations. The partnership of humanity and earth harmonizes sun and sky, water and soil. The transformation is founded upon free energy, healthy foods, community sharing and education. Light increases everywhere and life supporting ventures assist in the transformation into the Golden Age. With faith and fortitude every disease and poison is being removed from the environment. In genuine respect for life the world is a garden of great promise. Truth is taught with perfect clarity. Foods and chemicals that negatively affect and deteriorate the body have been revealed, removed and the proper balances restored. There is nutrition and joy in each moment of breath of pure and clean air.

Children early in life are taught self reliance, examination and correct personal standards. Love guides and brings forth transformations, each in proper timings. Laws are based upon love and follow the course of mentoring new generations towards moral conduct and applying the ethical principles of functional societies in Oneness and wisdom. Within the transformation great shining lights will take many higher in consciousness. They are revered as Wayshowers to a higher standard. They are honored and understood. Each lives a prosperous life in love and faith. Through education and opportunity the populace gains more and more freedom. The Divine Truth is humanity is One and this is something all know intrinsically. All people are equal and part of the world where each person achieves happiness and success to the level of their desires.

The money system of the Golden Age is honest and based upon the fruits of labor. Rewards are given to each person and no one is left behind in lack or poverty. There is abundance and appreciation in every moment of life on earth. The responsibility of those who are in leadership, are to remain quiet and patient, walking softly in the way of the world while keeping the promises of prosperity and triumph of the Light and the Good. Every step is important in the plan to secure correct dominion of proper fulfillment of the inalienable rights of every soul who has chosen sovereign freedom.

The central message flows to all who are part of this part of this path of life in purity to achieve the ascension of humanity to a higher level of expression. The spiritual oneness of the planet centers the wholeness of each person, each life, each communication, each transaction and each idea for the betterment of the civilization of the world. The plan of transformation is for all to know and to follow. There is nothing hidden. Humanity is living its desired dream, and the doctrine of Divine Truth is easy and simple to understand. Ability and responsibility replace status, titles, authority and false importance. Illusions are wiped clean and purpose resolves to hold the energy of the Golden Age. The human mind opens in focus on the work at hand in harmony. With the clear light of new rays humanity sees the truth and follows the light through the short tunnel of darkness into the golden light of a new age.

In starting the Game you understand that everything is about economics and economics is about choice and preferences. There is abundance and scarcity is an illusion. You must change your mindset and awaken to the appreciation that there is a good universe that is abundant and full of every want you have. It is available for the asking and it is always given. Now the system that is being built must be built by you. In the Game you must work fast to save the planet. It is up to you and only You. And it begins now.