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Releases From The Raccoon's Bookshelf
« on: March 12, 2005, 09:32:26 AM »
The newest release from The Raccoon's Bookshelf is Corpus Lupus by Phil Geusz it was just released in January 2005.   Below is a ruff draft of the first of three stories:

The main plot is about a detective dealing with special cases that have to do with magic, werecreatures or anything that is out of the normal officers grasp.  

   The detective is called in to deal with the death of three juvenile.  When Detective Larry Highridge gets to the scene he suspects that the murders were ritual murder for power, he gets his kit but already suspects that the body’s aren’t booby trapped but being a werecreature he usually can feel if a body is booby trapped but there have been the odd one that he couldn’t feel, so it is better for the sake of the humans on the scene to be safe.
   Being an alpha in his pack the head alpha was always needling Larry about wanting to be leaded alpha, it wasn’t like he wanted to be a werewolf he got bit by a suspect that happened to be a werewolf when he was in uniform, when working on another case.  He knew that some day he and his alpha Pete Byrd were going to get into it fight about the treatment of the omega’s in there pack, Larry didn’t really want to be the head alpha of the pack but he could see no way out.  There would always be some ass that wanted power to be top wolf of the pack which means dominants fights.
   The board of Necromancy sent Dr. Muggs to evaluate the corpses the information he gave was as Larry Highridge suspected.  He suspected that Muggs was there to make sure none of the board’s members had done this terrible crime Muggs said it was done by an amateur but the person had done it before.
   Carmine Larry’s boss is and understands sorts for a human, when he came into tell her he would need time off at the least for recovery after the dominants fight that was set for the next full moon.  His case load was transferred to another detective, he talked to the department lawyer and got things squared away incase he lost, he knew Byrd would kill him.
   It was moon rise and it was to be held on the land that the pack had been buying over the years.  The fight started Pete wouldn’t back down he kept coming at Larry long after Larry thought he should be spent that was when Larry started to suspect that maybe Pete was using magic were would it be Pete had ripped his robe off and threw it to the ground earlier.  On the next pass Larry went for Pete’s robe the rest of the other wolfs thought he had gone nuts. He found what he was looking for two plastic bag with small body parts in the robe now he knew who had killed the three boys and threw there body’s in the ditch.  It was no longer a simple dominant fight this bastard was the one that killed three children and as much as Larry wanted to kill him for that but it was more important that he take him in to be tried for the crime.
   He grabbed one of the smaller body parts and popped it in his mouth and was sick then energized. Larry threw the second bag of condense to Banzail he understood and went running off into the woods.
   Pete realizes too late that Larry had discovered what he had done to get the power.  Pete knew it was a crime not only to humans kind but that it was one of the big rule that werewolf’s were not to kill for the power of others.
   The fight when on till both were bloody, in the mean time Banzai had returned Larry knew he could get away with murdering Pete he was their Alpha, but he thought about Banzai and Carmine an that they would know what he did how could he look them in the face.
   What was he turning into another Pete Byrd?
   He was a cop and only by bring Pete in could he justify taking the fruits of a child into his body to save himself.  Changing back to human form told Banzai to get his black bag from under the front seat.  Banzai was back almost instantly; Larry put on a pair of gloves, took out a standard-issue werewolf-restraint muzzle and drew it tightly over Pete’s head then rapped him in silver –cord restraint net.  Then asked Banzai to go back to the car and get his cell-phone so he could call for backup.
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