Author Topic: A book with demons and angels in it  (Read 1199 times)


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A book with demons and angels in it
« on: March 16, 2009, 01:31:13 AM »
Text submitted on the site.

Name: Hollie O\\\'Neill

Intro text: Hello everyone! I am writing a book with demons and angels in it. (Well they\\\'re pretty important to the plot line) I have been doing research on them on the internet and stuff and thought someone on here might be interested.\r\n\r\nthis is the preface for my book. Tell me what you think.(its not fully edited or anything so i might change all of it before its finished lol)
Full text: The two armies stood facing, each expression furious, the beautiful and the monstrous. Absolute instinct taking over every fibre in every body that stood before ours. The tension filled the air like the heavy smoke and the light mist given off by the two sides. The first movement took me by surprise, from the stances and expressions, I was expecting a pounce or an attack. But it was a beautiful woman emerging from the light mist, her white cloak billowing around her soundlessly as she moved into nomans land. Her expression was blank underneath her long silvery hair as she spoke in a high, breathtaking voice.\r\n\\\"You have no business here.\\\" She spoke with undoubtable authority. The murmured agreements from those behind her were drowned out by horrible, earcracking snarls given by the opposing side.  The horrible man-like creatures moved aside to let someone through as this sound made me clasp my hands to my ears and wince. I looked up and a tall, dark figure was moving through the crowd in a stoop, cloaked and hooded. He lowered his hood and straightened his posture slightly. The only thing remotely human about him was his jet black scraggly hair that hung down to his shoulders. His eyes were catlike in shape, a deep blood red with a black slit down the center that moved side to side as he weighed up the army before Him. His face was narrow, and his skin a deep grey, unlike his brown skinned army. His raised his arm from under his cloak and waved them quiet.\r\n\\\"We have every right you have to be here.\\\" His deep hissing voice came from all around us and seemed to echo around the vast hall making the windows shudder violently. I finched and held myself closer to (name of the idiot). He was stood unmoving next to me, staring into the horrible face with a look of frustration and fear. He tightened his arm around me and I turned back to watch the scene. \r\n\\\"We are here on strict orders.\\\"  The beautiful voice spoke once more, the authority now with a histerical edge. She turned to her army and waved a small, fragile hand to the ordered crowd. They moved aside and let through a beautiful man with the same white cloak as the woman and the same silvery hair and bright blue eyes. His expression reminded me slightly of a startled cat. He moved forward with another I didn\\\'t notice at first, another woman who could have been her twin. They moved forward through the crowd and stopped a few feet behind her.\r\nThe Man like creature facing them smiled a horrible yellow toothed smile and chuckled.\r\n\\\"As are we.\\\"\r\n\r\n
The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist. - Charles Baudelaire (French and monstrous poet).