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Title: Really Fun Fact
Post by: Anchitiquia on March 01, 2010, 07:27:43 AM
I was told this by an other worldly being. Seeing as how he talked in my head and i told him he was a figment of my imagination, he responded he would give me proof and still to this day i can't figure this out lmao.

He asked me what is the earths axis. I responded 23 give or take.

He said ok now how many times can 23 go into itself before you reach a third digit? I was like gimmie a second.
23 46 69 92 115. 5 times. So? i asked him. he said now keep the number 115 and repeat this till you reach the 4th digit and tell me the pattern for every 3rd digit till you hit the 4th digit.

Again i was like ok wierdo.

23 46 69 92 115. 5

138 161 184 207. 4.

230 253 276 299 322. 5

345 368 391 414. 4

437 460 483 506. 4

529 552 575 598 621. 5

644 667 690 713. 4

736 759 782 805. 4

828 851 874 897 920. 5

943 966 989 1012. 4

Now what oh mighty voice in my head i taunted him. The answer is 5454454454. He then said 5 has more make it less 4 has less give it more. i asked how do you do that? he replied convert to 1's and 0's.

I laughed at myself ok fine fine. 0101101101 there happy? He said convert from binary to decimal. I was like what?

your kidding right?

For those who don't know binary its right to left starting with one and the next digit doubles.

He said binary controls electricity in hand with magnitism your decimal system as a human does not.

Again i laughed.

example          0               1              0             1             1              0               1            1          0         1
                      512          256          128          64            32            16              8             4         2         1

1's you add 0's you don't.

256 + 64 = 320
320 + 32 = 352
352 + 8   = 360
360 + 4   = 364
364 + 1   = 365

Ok 365 what of it. He asked how many days in an earth year of an axis of 23 degrees i said........ 365...........

He said yes "Give or take" (he poked fun at me for leap years and my earlier comment).
Title: Re: Really Fun Fact
Post by: Raziel on March 05, 2010, 05:40:39 PM
You make raz's head hurt!


*breaks hand on the sheer awesome of the math riddle*

i now go to cry in a corner.
Title: Re: Really Fun Fact
Post by: Carden on March 05, 2010, 11:57:02 PM
wow... and i can't find anything like this anywhere else (i googled some key phrases).

where can i find this being?
Title: Re: Really Fun Fact
Post by: Anchitiquia on March 07, 2010, 06:39:54 PM
That's just it. He was a visitor in my head. He called himself Hodge but he only pulled that out of this humans memory based of that guy on the anime blood. (blood trinity something like that).

Other than the fact I've only talked to him 3 times. i don't know where to find him. If i did I'd ask him to take me off this spinning dust ball. :-D you can be sure of that.

He was really weird. Acted like he didn't need eyesight cause he never needed to look at things when he grabbed them and whatnot. Math genius and took knowledge from books through touch.

One thing i might add that's interesting though. If he wanted to prove a point to me he did it. As far as what he told me, it can't in anyway have a scientific reasoning as to axis tilt to year around something basis.

I've tried this same thing on other planets and it doesn't work or make sense. it also doesn't make two numbers in which to form binary (not all 4's and 5's). So you got me Carden it's a screwed up mystery i just thought it was interesting to post.
Title: Re: Really Fun Fact
Post by: Carden on March 08, 2010, 12:47:47 PM
Haji from Blood+???

I love that show!!!
Title: Re: Really Fun Fact
Post by: matthew321 on March 08, 2010, 07:35:21 PM
Man I need to call him when i'm taking a math test (or when i'm doing a correlation between unstable variables of the universe and a collaboration between them with my anti-masspectrometer)

That was interesting but I suggest you analyze the meeting with this being. Write down all the conversations word for word as best you can. Then compare them and find similarities. If that isn't working then use math with the words (count the words or certain words)

Or just ask him what his entire point is... but that would be too easy.
Title: Re: Really Fun Fact
Post by: Carden on March 08, 2010, 11:15:52 PM
you are making a big assumption that it has a point.
it could just be saying "NA-NA-NA! I'm smarter!"
Title: Re: Really Fun Fact
Post by: Anchitiquia on March 10, 2010, 12:12:30 AM
I think Carden is right Matthew. I had previously pissed the "being" off by not taking his advice to heart. He was probably just laughing at me and showing me he's smarter.

Just imagine if he did that for S**ts and giggles what he could do if he tried. It scares me thinking about it.

P.S. i like your Alucard picture

I know it was made by the same people but i think he stole Vash's glasses lmao.
Title: Re: Really Fun Fact
Post by: matthew321 on March 10, 2010, 03:04:55 PM
You won't learn anything unless you ask. I would ask him even if he mocks me to know the significance of the conversation would be worth it. I would spin my self in circles trying to contemplate the true meaning.
Title: Re: Really Fun Fact
Post by: Anchitiquia on March 10, 2010, 10:18:30 PM
True you make a very good point. Although i can't track him and this happened long before i found this web site.

I'm scared to go around conjuring things that i know for a fact i don't understand. Given the intelligence of this being if he comes back to me I'll ask but as far as me searching for or conjuring him back. I'd prefer to play it safe.

Ask any of the fine people that mess around with attempting to summon demons and the like. I have a slight clue as to what a demon is. I can't say what Haji was. Therefore i respect the fact that I'd become another missing person or statistic and keep my nose clear of him. lmao.

( I guess if he meant me harm he wouldn't allow me to have remembered the event or share it. hmmm. Mabe i should try to talk to him again.)