Author Topic: Who's in my dream.  (Read 2466 times)

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Re: Who's in my dream.
« Reply #15 on: January 31, 2011, 07:49:06 PM »
Iím a young naive spirit moving fast through this world to everlasting physical life.  Yeah, shouldíve noticed from Ravenclawís guard dog bark Iíd made psychic mistake of one person for another.  Hitting / hurting / thinking the wrong persons have been a problem all along. Good thing on balance Iíve managed to output net positives to others or IĎd find myself in the situation your anger, Mo;och, may desire right now.

Moloch, of course you can watch as I go: all those orbs and shadows gathered around you; and, I canít help but admire you and the help and protection you provide to many needing information and spiritual protection of sorts.

Iíve already accepted my worthlessness, as an Anticit human being Ė something your ego find s hard to accept in light that most human life in the universe is Realcit- you seem fearless except for your refusal to read an explanation of your immortality Iíve posted for you.

Even though I consider myself a young spirit, Iíve died before.  Iíve accepted the fact Iím already dead now; that being so, when the time is right Iíll turn away from the light and go away from it to the darkness beyond the edge of the universe.

Ravenclaw:  All you can do is bark on this post?  Why not step up and find some interpretation for Lady_Wolfís dream, now that Iíve admitted my psychic response may have been misplaced.

My intentions arenít bad or good, theyíre just mine. 
ďThe cause for aging and death in human types must be using the brain in manners inconsistent with reality.  The reality of nature is whatever it is; perhaps believing it is something other than what it is, is deadly.Ē