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Another Bigfoot amateur video
« on: April 22, 2005, 01:59:50 AM »
Residents of Norway House, Manitoba, approximately 500 kilometers north of Winnipeg, have been flocking to Georgina Henry's house to view a nearly three minute videotape of what appears to be Bigfoot, taken by her son Bobby on the morning of April 16, 05.

Just after dawn, Bobby Clarke, a ferryman on the Nelson River, sighted what he described as "a big black figure" on the opposite side of the riverbank aprox.250 meters away. Known to never be without his video camera, Bobby was able to film the figure for almost three minutes.

Missy Flett, an outreach worker with the Norway House Community Council, and an admitted cynic, said she was stunned to see the image of the massive, hair covered creature walking upright...

"I was kind of skeptical when I went over," stated Ms. Flett,  "But after seeing it, I truly believe it's the real sasquatch [another name for Bigfoot]." ..."It's awesome. . . It's real. It's the real deal." - The Globe and Mail

'"Couple of my friends and cousins have seen it, and some of them, first didn't believe in anything like that,' said Joey Robertson.' When they seen the video, it convinced them."' -

Sharness Henry, Bobby`s sister, claims the videotape is of a massive creature, which stands aprox. 8-10 feet tall, walking along the river`s edge through some bulrushes. Towards the end of the 2 min. 49 sec. video, the figure turns and appears to look directly into the camera.  At that point, Bobby seems to drop the camera.

Bobby was quite shaken by the ordeal, and had to take a few days off work following the sighting.

'"It was just massive, standing tall. I'm freaked out,' Clarke said in an interview from the ferry at an uninhabited bush area 40 kilometers (28 miles) from Norway House. He said he's been nervous ever since, especially when he takes the ferry to that side of the river." -

Mr.Clarke isn`t the first person reportedly to catch sight of Bigfoot at this location. Hubert Folster, who was also a ferry operator, spotted the creature about a year ago. The creature was walking among the bulrushes which were trapped in the ice. Dark and human-like, the creature was too large to be a human. Although he watched the creature for about 6 minutes, Clarke claims it was too hard to make out any more details in the poor morning light.

"It just wasn't right," claimed Folster, who never really talked about his encounter. "You don't want to mention these things". Unfortunately, Mr. Folster didn`t have a camera at the time.

The family is withholding the videotape for the time being, as they make arrangements for an expert to enhance the video. Offers have already started to come in from media agencies across Canada, and the U.S.
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