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A mystery animal, said to be a cross between a cat, kangaroo and monkey, is on
the run in Wiltshire. The beast - dubbed the Catgarookey - has been spotted
three times roaming Salisbury at night. The first sighting was by two policemen
who saw the creature run out in front of their car. They said it was 2ft high,
with a long ringed tail and 'the gait of a monkey'.

Then Nicki Lomas, 23, reported seeing a 'cat-like' animal with a yellow and
black tail with a white tip. Raymond Clark, 79, then spotted the beast
disappearing into bushes in the Laverstock area of Salisbury.

He said it had a sloping back like a kangaroo and believed it could be a
coati-mundi - a racoon-like animal from Central America.

Wiltshire Police said the animal was likely to be an unusual pet on the run and
they don't believe it's dangerous.