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Kolb Ridge Court / Marietta Georgia
« on: March 12, 2007, 05:04:46 PM »
Kolb Ridge Court -Georgia

This housing development was built on what was part of the Kolb Creek Farm, which is just outside of Marietta, Georgia.

This development was described as being an exclusive subdivision of houses, built on beautiful rolling hills and among wooded areas.


The Kolb Creek Farm was the sight of a Civil War skirmish where soldiers died, near Kennesaw Mountain June 22, 1864, known as The Battle of Kolb's Farm. Estimated casualties: 1350 (Union: 350, Confederates 1,000) It happened around the time of the major battle at Kennesaw Mountain, when General Sherman and his troops tried to defeat Confederate General Joe Johnson's troops who had dug in around the mountain. Johnson's troops held their position, costing the union troops the loss of several thousand lives. The original farm house has been preserved as a historic place.


Residents of these houses have reported having apparitions of Civil War soldiers walking through their homes. One couple, Mr. and Mrs. Tatum, not only had one walking through their house, but the ghost decided to move in with them, after taking a liking to one of their guest rooms. Then, he started to amuse himself by teasing them both, in mischievous, creative ways.

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