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Title: Shadows in the Woods
Post by: Ladygriffin on November 26, 2009, 07:54:58 AM
Title: Re: Shadows in the Woods
Post by: Moloch on November 26, 2009, 07:21:34 PM
First off, this should really be moved to Mayday! Mayday!.

Second, I found an article on here that claimed that they do not like the number twelve; so you were to create arrangements containing twelve of the same item in areas where you did not want them. I can attest that this works to a large degree as I have only encountered one Shadow since implementing that advice, and I dispatched it easily enough.

I recommend doing that, since the other options are either less than effective, or are more likely than not to be even more detrimental to you and yours than the presence of these Shadows.
Title: Re: Shadows in the Woods
Post by: Moloch on November 27, 2009, 06:23:10 AM
Actually, judging from personal experience, this is. Anytime any entity feels emboldened is a bad time to be in a position of weakness, and twelve numbers in one's name does not necessarily work. Try twelve thumbtacks in a circle over the door you use most often, or a flower bed of twelve violets or some other flower or plant. If that doesn't work... well, we'll go from there.
Title: Re: Shadows in the Woods
Post by: onishadowolf on November 27, 2009, 10:15:20 PM
You said the sign of the horned god had an effect, tempory albiet, but still an effect. There is a clue in that, that has old world basis. Try going older than that, it may enlighten you on what they are. Just a suggestion.
Title: Re: Shadows in the Woods
Post by: onishadowolf on November 29, 2009, 08:05:05 PM
Old world, as in timeline. If you can figure out their time era, then you can figure out(by our standards) what they are. This also ties into mythos of old folklore and religion. The sign tells that they are older then Christinity. Or you have more faith in the other.
Title: Re: Shadows in the Woods
Post by: Mental Disorder on December 02, 2009, 05:58:21 AM
Even though I never experienced paranormal activity, I hope you get the shadows gone from your home.  :-D

But I do get a terrified feeling in one of the rooms in my house, it's the room my dad goes in alot it also had a few cloths dolls before my dad made it into a office.
It only happens at night now, does anyone know what is going on?
Title: Re: Shadows in the Woods
Post by: timv1982 on February 07, 2010, 03:21:19 PM
invite me over ill deal with it (=
Title: Re: Shadows in the Woods
Post by: OrthoclaseFeldspar on February 21, 2010, 10:07:55 AM
LadyGriffin....have followed your experiences for a bit now and have been intrigued. If it weren't for your dog on full alert I'd just think the shadow folk were curious.
Your husband's message that in some way you were "disturbing" them may not be as ominious as it sounded. Some things energy being heavy and overly "present" is something that can't be helped and can be misinterpreted as threatening.
That said is it possible some of your personal practices are confusing to them? As you've researched and found Bronze-age burial sites close have you considered placing a stone cairn in your yard or garden? Dolmen might be closer to what I was thinking, not cairn....anyway it being your land now have you given any thought to demanding a "truce" with them?
Working with symbolism they would recognize?

Back in the day I had granite stone constructs in the night as my husband and I were maintaining our responsibilities I looked to my left and was shocked to see a 7-8ft shadow being standing next to me looking up towards the stars as I had been. I did a low squeal to get the hubby's attention ,too  frozen to asking him if he saw it while I was sidestepping away towards the house as fast as possible!!
To make a long story short we ended up with a crew of these beings visiting to observe and figure out what was going on....just curious.
I have not lived down the "spasm" I had at discovering I'd been sneaked up on or the crab-walk towards our back door.
But I did have quite the fright.
If I was you before banishing anything I'd attempt to find out the cause of their consernation...demand to only deal with one as a spokesperson (spokes-being)
and try to assertain the time period they're from. While explaining the land belongs to you and YOUR stewardship.
What direction are they manifesting from? east, west ect....this will provide clues to their "realm".

I'm just trying to be helpful....
Title: Re: Shadows in the Woods
Post by: OrthoclaseFeldspar on February 22, 2010, 07:46:25 AM
Hi ! Nice to meet you.
Don't want this to come off as arrogant. A Dolman (sp) is a stack of rocks used for many things ,but in my way of thinking by using rocks with properties you're familiar with it  would have the intent of a "calling" marker.
BTW I read very carefully the topic of giving advice....
For example most Artic Cultures used various types to convey messages such as trails, burials, sacred places, or places to avoid.
Stone-age cultures seemed to have expanded that concept by using Stone constructs to align the earths energy and focus it in channels.

When I say "calling Marker" my meaning is to both set an appropriate place to dialog with these beings but also as a boundary so the driveway and front door visits are eliminated. Just as some type of your activity unnerves them, their activity disturbs you.
I hope that makes sense.

By mentioning using rocks you are familiar with this in itself will convey your personal intentions, along with placing in the physical a sort of energy "placeholder"
to prevent an esclation of misunderstandings. Much like if you had a place where you and a friend left messages for each other.
Or worse case, like a fox or bear marking the edge of their respective territories. altho  each passes thru, information is also left, and neither need have a confrontation.

By NOT preforming any type of ceremony during placing your marker this ensures it is a temporary thing and can be removed. By carefully choosing your stones
You can identify yourself as concerned, respectful and neutral. But also tired of their "hit and run" behavior.

If these beings are benign, it will facilitate a dialog. If not you can go back and firm up a boundary around your property and they will just have to take a hike.
Too bad, so sad.

I hope this gives you alternatives to really aren't powerless.
Plus some of these beings never having been "human" have no understanding of our day to day lives just as we are confused by them. Altho I don't condone scaring folk as a meet & greet!

Title: Re: Shadows in the Woods
Post by: Carden on February 23, 2010, 03:16:02 PM
i would imagine there is a general feeling of being misplaced on behalf of these beings.
i would offer a friendship with them and see if they would want a task to do like watching over your property or something. in exchange, you could teach them about modern life in the human world.

i'm the kind that's always up for physical-spiritual partnerships. they can come in quite handy at times and offer you a unique perspective on life.