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Title: Lets talk about oil
Post by: SKGS on June 12, 2010, 08:05:28 PM
It seems that  the efforts are made not to stop the flow of oil in the gulf but to see how much they can capture.

When will it stop?  After the "relieve" wells are dug?

Any comments ?  Would like to hear your opinion.
Title: Re: Lets talk about oil
Post by: KubeSix on June 13, 2010, 11:56:32 PM
Well look at it this way: they want more money, right? This whole event (which they've acknowledged as an international disaster) is making them lose terrible amounts of money. It's bad for business to keep it going. They'll fix it, then raise the prices to catch up on their losses, just like they always do.
Title: Re: Lets talk about oil
Post by: matthew321 on July 13, 2010, 03:21:45 PM
There was a scientist who had invented a machine after 52 days of the spill. It was designed to separate the water from the oil so it would retain the oil and dispose of the water. It was basically a filter for the water.

I heard it mentioned only once on the news. Then it was never mentioned again...

I may or may not believe that this accident was a set up. There are things they are not telling us, I also hear that it is much worse in person. Also the beaches are not very safe even though the news has stated so.

I have heard many jokes about BP and the oil spill going on. My favorite has been that BP stands for broken pipe now. I have noticed a lack of customers at BP gasoline stations as well.

This incident has cost BP quite a bit of money. It also has probably has prevented any future off shore drilling attempts.

Now I think this is odd, we can go to the "safe" beaches where there are multiple oil fragments. Which we are not allowed to take or touch. But we are expected to use the beach as normally as before? With all the oil we are not allowed to touch covering the beach how are we supposed to use it?

I have also failed to see any clean up attempts in the water. I have seen photos on the news where people pick up residue on the beach. But nothing is filtering the water. I can support this with the fact it is spreading, faster then the output. Since the new oil will push the older oil farther away there should still be a dent where the filters have cleaned up the old oil. There is no such dent or filters.
Title: Re: Lets talk about oil
Post by: SKGS on July 15, 2010, 07:09:13 AM
What I have noticed too is that hardly anybody talks about the oil that is on the sea floor or the plumes that float around.

What should also be of concern and not talked about is the gas that comes with the crude oil.

It's almost funny watching the cleanup crews (few and far between) in the marshes wiping down the "grass" with what looks like bigger papertowles that only pick up oil.

Title: Re: Lets talk about oil
Post by: matthew321 on July 15, 2010, 11:33:45 AM
Maybe they should get some "shamwows"  *<:)

I am surprised the oil has not caught fire. With the sun shining on it and the water magnifies the rays. Plus the a few clean up crews probably have smokers.

This is a terrorist dream opportunity to just light the oil on fire. Or maybe they have to let it get closer first.

Something fishy about this whole thing (and all the fish are now dead).
Title: Re: Lets talk about oil
Post by: I Love Wolves on July 15, 2010, 12:13:55 PM
something tells me that they arent really trying theyre hardest to clean up the oil

and if they are, they arent doing a very good job of it