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Shadowy Encounters
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2006, 12:48:58 PM »
This is in response to another thread that was deleted (by me, Sorry, it's the debug mode problem)

Anyway, there was a guest who had a friend experiencing strange sightings after waking up in the during the night and was unable to move while this was going on.

While this thread is quite old, perhaps the Guest will still see it, if not, then oh well.  

What your friend may be experiencing is acutally quite common but not always acknowledged.  It is called sleep paralysis, often when someone is sleeping they may awaken and feel unable to move or speak.  As unexpected immobility would be frightening in any situation, it can be particularly alarming upon waking.

I myself have suffered from this as is what lead me to research the condition.  I awoke in my bed laying on my side unable to move at all, then I heard the shuffling of feet on my carpet around my bed, followed by a shadowy black figure shaking his head and arms in stiff, jerky movements "walked" in front of my view and stayed there.  Being fully awake but helplessly paralyzed, I began to panic as the dark shape continued to shuffle from one side of my bed to the other, all the while I heard the sound of as if air being displaced by something traveling very quickly through it (rushing sound).  Finally, with an extreme effort I screamed at the top of my lungs and instantly was unfrozen, sat up and turned on the light.  Of course there was nothing there, but was still I was plenty shook up.  Since then, I have felt slight paralyzation upon waking, but thankfully, no more hallucinations.

The reason this happens is that brain activity wakes the sleeper, however, the body has not yet had the opputuntity to awaken, thus the sleeper's body feels helplessly limp or unmoveable, and it often takes great effort to wake up the body.  Most of the time the sleeper is very stressed or anxious about something in their waking life.  Additionally, it is not uncommon to hallucinate while this occurs.  Distorted images of a person or people accompanied with the sounds of rushing air or humming are among the most experienced.  Now it may seem that I am simply finding scientific excuses for my single account (as I have always been very science minded) but in my research of the topic, I again and again found people reporting the same symptoms and has even has medical documentation with more indepth details of reasons behind the causes for it and less common accompanying symptoms

It's actually quite interesting, I would provide a link but no longer have an links to sites with information about it, but its not so hard to find if you look.