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Apparition revealled through an Animal totem
« on: November 10, 2003, 01:48:05 PM »
A short time ago a dear friend of mine commited suicide. Although I was not present for her cremation (50 miles away) about 1-2 hours after the ceremony she revealed herself (face, head and neck) to me on the belly of a live dog who rolled over and stretched out all four of its legs. The (apparition) lasted maybe 3-5 seconds before i realized what had just happened. Is this a specific type of occurence where the deceased appears through an animal (totem)?
Is there any specific meaning to take from this event?
Thank you.


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reply on apparition revealed ...
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2003, 04:15:15 AM »
It means that you have the dog as animal totem. An animal totem mostly means that they will guide you and watch over you if needed. The apparition of your friend only meant to inform you that she will protect you and will communicate with you through a "dog".
Not all people have the gift to talk with spirits. I have this gift aswell. I can communicate with my death great-grandma through a stuffed up animal. I see her aswell, but, i can also wpeak with her as if she was still alive.
I dunno about you doh. It feels as if you have this gift aswell, but, you arent really opent to it, or maybe scared cause you dunno what will happen.
The only way that you are able to communicate with a spirit is when you arent afraid to do this, and, when you are in total peace with yourself.

I will try to find some info about the dog as animal totem. When i get some info on this, i will post it here.

In Love & Light,
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reply on apparition revealed ...
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Here you go.

The Dog

Throughout history dogs have been known as protectors and guardians. Their acute hearing and keen sight forewarned their masters of impending danger. Dogs are known as mans best friend.  They serve selflessly never asking for their service to be prasied. They hold the energies of unconditional love and teach us its true meaning.

The domesticated dog is a faithful companion to humans and has a strong willingness to serve. Their sense of spirit and the ability to love even when abused is incredible. The dog teaches those with this totem how to give and receive love unconditionally. It also carries the energy of forgiveness. People with dog medicine would do well in service oriented jobs.

Dogs are intelligent and sensitive. They are able to sniff out dangerous situations accurately and guide us into safety. Psychic gifts have long been are associated with the dog because of their ability to detect subtle energy frequencies often unknown to mankind. If dog suddenly appears in your life pay attention to your immediate surroundings and let the dog guide your footsteps.

Certain breeds of dog were designed for specific functions. The study of the breed and its purpose can help you define the energy associated with it. Since wolves and coyotes are its descendants these should be studied as well.

The behavior of a dog often reflects the personality of its owner. Through its observation and constant interaction with you it anticipates your next move, and serves as a mirror image of who you truly are. The dog is a great teacher for those who are willing to be loyal students. The choice is yours.

For the Celtic people, the dog, horse, and bull were considered the three
most important domestic animals with a sacred significance. Throughout
most of northern Europe, the dog was associated with various mother
goddesses. It. was commonplace to bury a great leader with his pack of
dogs, and for the Irish, both the wolf and the hunting dog were used as
symbols of accomplished young warriors.

A warrior society of the Cheyenne called themselves the Dog Soldiers, or
Crazy Dogs, and vowed never to retreat in battle, regardless of the fierceness
of the fray or how badly they might be outnumbered.

Artemis/Diana, the classical mythological figure of the Goddess of the Hunt,
manifested for the evening's pursuit of game surrounded by her pack of dogs.
The powerful goddess figure of the huntress is replicated in Sarama, the Vedic
mother of the Dogs of Yama, and the Hounds of Annwn, the Celtic goddess.

The Scandinavians portrayed the dog as the guardian of the underworld;
thus, it was customary to bury a dog with the deceased as a guide to the
afterlife. In their cosmology, it will be the hound Garm that will set in motion
the events Ragnarok, earth's fiery end, and it will be the wolf Fenrir
that will break loose at the time of destruction.A number of the eastern
Native American tribes also believed that a dog was stationed to guard the
Way of the Departed Spirits.

The ancient Egyptian's Anubis, the dog-headed god, is also a Canine gatekeeper
of the Other World, responsible for admitting souls to paradise. Hecate, the
Goddess of Death, is portrayed always attended by dogs, her animal totems.
Her most fierce, Cerberus, the three-headed hound, is set to guard the gates
to her underworld kingdom.

An old Semitic tradition states that the Angel of Death can only be seen by dogs
which is why, the old tales say, dogs howl at the moon to announce a death.

English folklore has the ominous legend of the Black Dog, a beast whose
appearance presages doom, death, or, at best, despair There is also a
legend of a benevolent Black Dog, who appears to guide travelers to a safe

If you were born during the Year of the Dog, the Chinese zodiac describes
you as a generous, loyal, honest person who works well with people.

The Inuits have a legend of the Dog People not to be confused with the Cheyenne
Dog Soldiers-the offspring of a great red dog and an Inuit woman. This beast
marriage produced five ugly monsters and five dogs, and the disgusted mother
set them all adrift on rafts. The five dogs reached the shores of Europe and begat
among them the white people. The monsters evolved into horrible, blood-thirsty
cannibals who still haunt the northern icelands.

No less than five Christian saints have the dog as their animal symbol. Of
course there is St. Bernard, but there are also St. Dominic, St. Roch, St. Eustace,
and St. Hubert.

According to Grandmother Twylah, the traditional Seneca see the dog as
representing fidelity and devotion, the symbol of a friend who is always available
whenever he or she is truly needed.

If you have discovered the dog to be your totem animal, it is quite likely that you
prize dependability, loyalty, and faithfulness as primary virtues in your selection
of friends. You will certainly be able to expect such strong allegiance from your
dog totem, Whenever this spirit helper is near, you will feel strong emanations
of love surrounding you.

With the dog as your totem animal, you will also experience a strong sense of
being protected and watched over, night and day.

This spirit helper will be a dependable guide in your explorations of higher
consciousness, and you may rely on it always to warn you of any impeding threat
from Dark Side entities. You are certain to feel its comfortable vibration near you
as you enter the Silence to gain deeper wisdom teachings.
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