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Blob Fish
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Blob Fish

The blob fish ( Psychrolutes marcidus) is a fish which has made its dwelling in the deep waters off the coasts of Tasmania and Australia. It is a rare sight to watch for humans. This is because of the inaccessibility of its habitat. You will find blob fish mostly deep inside the sea where the pressure is several dozens higher than at sea level. It makes gas bladders ineffective. The flesh of the blob fish is mainly a gelatinous mass, but the density is slightly less than water which makes way for the blob fish to float or hover above the sea floor with no energy wasted for swimming.

The relative lack of muscle gulps down edible matter that glides by in front of it. Thus, it is not a drawback. Often, it is trapped by bottom trawling with nets. It is of the order Scorpaeniformes. Also, it is of the class Actinopterygii. Its family name is Psychrolutidae. It is spoke fish for protecting seamounts. It has also some spots on the ocean blogs nearly as good as blob fish, from Greenpeace and Oceana. They are made mostly out of jelly. This jelly flesh allows them to float and conserve energy. It has a captivating wry scowl.

As far as the looks of the blob fish are considered, it has got a weary and strange look. Its shape and structure is akin to that of a pyramid. Its nose is in the middle of its structure and that too small but fat. Its eyes are like small but looks like those of cartoon eyes. Its lips are wide.

The blob fish does not require being equipped with muscles. Instead, they have a feeding strategy that comprises of sitting and waiting for something edible to pass by. Moreover, they have a jelly like flesh which is slightly lighter than water. Thatís why; they do not have the need to expand their energy or scarce oxygen to halt them from sinking towards the floor of the sea.

The flesh is of low-density. As well as that, it is a substitute to gas filled swim bladder. This is a feature related to many fishes which are endemic to deep waters. Adding to the information about the blob fish, at about eight hundred metres deep, the pressure will be about 80 times higher than at sea level. This amazing thing means that any gas would be so compressed that it could not give its way to this purpose. Small red snail fish is the brother of this blob fish which is another deep water species accompanied with a layer of jelly. It is of the kingdom Animalia. It is of phylum chordate. It is of the order Scorpaeniformes. Humans will be really lucky if they are able to see or come across this strange looking fish. Mostly, very few people are able to find this deep water fish.

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Re: Blob Fish
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Excellent post, Leshy!
I love your descriptions of the cute lil' blobby dudes' faces. :-D

Now, I can't help but wonder....What would one of these things taste like? More specifically, what sort of miserable creature would eat these things regularly? :laugh: