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Title: souls inside our bodies
Post by: LeXtruX on April 01, 2010, 05:01:51 AM
I have this feeling of truth behind something of which I want conformation...

The way I feel it there are 3 realms for us (set aside from all the other realms like 'hell' and 'heaven')
the first is the one we live in... this one.
The second is the realm of spirits.
The third is something I call home of the soul.
I can't escape the feeling that our body is a vessel with its own reality stored inside... (people might recognise something like the anime bleach in this but it's quite different)
Our body is the vessel of our soul, but to our soul it's some sort of 'world', not like one we live in now, but a realm non the less.
If this is pure BS please inform me, or if there is some truth in it I wish to know also.
If people think this is possible also let me know ^^
Title: Re: souls inside our bodies
Post by: KubeSix on April 01, 2010, 04:10:53 PM
A realm in the image of your mind, where your soul resides, right? No idea :lol:

It does sound a lot like Bleach... But then again, some people "speak" with their subconscious through meditation.
Title: Re: souls inside our bodies
Post by: matthew321 on April 05, 2010, 07:43:48 PM
Well in bleach there was a place that was built as the reflection of the soul (or maybe the structure of it) and that did reside in a body. However it also resided inside the soul itself. So the structure was a reflection of the soul and the soul was within the body.
The body was not a factor in the structure. It was the mind that built and contained this structure.

I do not think that the body is a world for the soul. However I think it is a container (some might say cage). However I cannot deny that a body is also a barrier that seems to divide our soul from being on earth completely.

I am not sure if I argued your point or I misunderstood it but I do not believe the body has a little world set up for the soul.
Title: Re: souls inside our bodies
Post by: KubeSix on April 05, 2010, 08:53:54 PM
I considered the subject a lot since my reply and I'll say this:

First off, C. S. Lewis said you do not have a soul, you have a body. You are a soul. I don't see myself how this relates to what I'm about to say, but feel free to consider it if you want.

Now, I'll take a Psi-oriented point of view here, since it's in the Psi section. I often consider the soul as being just another, more mystical and flashy, name for the mind. It's divided into two main parts, the subconscious and the conscious minds. The subconscious would be what you're referring to here, a container for all the things about yourself that you don't know. Your true nature, your lost memories, your identity, untouched by outside influences. Your conscious mind is a twisted reflection of the thing. That's why people commune with their subconscious and why in works of fiction (such as bleach) they're rarely just like their conscious counterparts.

so what am I trying to say here? Get to the point, Kube. Alright, well the subconscious and conscious minds can commune and you're asking from the inside the soul looks like a physical world. That world would be a reflection of the soul and in it lives the subconscious, represented by a physical avatar. My answer is:

If you wish there to be.

It's your soul, you control it. Most people commune with their subconscious in the form of dreams, in a somewhat physical manner, but it's not in a lucid way and so, it's a one-sided conversation. A monologue spoken by your deeper self. When one meditates, when reaching deeper levels of meditation, they do so not only to relax and focus, but also sometimes to commune with their subconscious in a lucid way. Most who do that, as far as I know, although most don't go in detail about it, I've heard do so in a sort of telepathic way. With thoughts and feelings. But usually, it's in concepts and feelings; words are rarely versatile enough to hold the right meaning of a message. some, though, (that I'm sure of, as it's been said and recorded.) "program" their minds to translate those concepts and feelings into words to simplify the job. (They usually also still consider the feelings and concepts, or else it would be defeating the purpose of the communion) So I see no reason why you couldn't change those messages into sensory ones rather than telepathic ones. You'd have to either be in a lucid dream or deep in trance, but I think, if you wish for it, you can achieve a physical encounter with your own subconscious, or "soul" as you called it.

Is this a satisfactory reply?
Title: Re: souls inside our bodies
Post by: LeXtruX on April 06, 2010, 10:46:04 AM
Let me explain the reason of this topic:
I stated my view on things and wondered what you people think of that, so I could learn more and so on...
So I was asking your opinions about this matter and your knowlegde about it as well, so far that's going great^^

Kube, your latest post makes loads of sence, so basicly for me to be able to interact with my subconsious I'm making a visualization so I can interpret more incoming signals instead of just telepathics right?
That would explain a lot ^^
Title: Re: souls inside our bodies
Post by: KubeSix on April 06, 2010, 07:04:55 PM
Yeah, that sounds about right. Basically, you're visualizing an environment to interact with your subconscious. Think of your soul as an operating system. When it's just thoughts, it's kinda like MS-DOS, but with the visualization, it becomes more like Windows or Mac OS. It's a flawed comparison, but I'm sure you'll get it :P It's just more... user-friendly than a thought-based communication.

My thought is you'd probably end up in a lucid dream kind of state. Your soul reflected as an environment and your subconscious as an entity.