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Hollow Earth expo


An expedition will take place on the summer of 2006 by Rodney Cluff and his team.

They will try to find the ‘Hipenisle’ on entrance known to be the opening to the Hollow Earth in the North Pole.

A race of giant Refeum are known to have a city close to the entrance.

If this ‘mission’ proves successful it will be the first documented case out of the hands of U.S. lead expeditions.


I cant beleive people think there really is a hollow earth.Thats a little extreme.I would think there would be so many stories about it(i've only heard about 2 or 3) and it just doesnt fit with the contenents shifting(theres the entrances on the poles ,one in antartica,which wouldn't have been there a few million years ago.)

Something came up know that I found out that I’m Viking Royalty....Son of King Harold II! 8-)

No pun intended.....Apparently a branch of my family were the first ones to find the New World. My ancestors of Greenland had mysteriously disappeared off there settlements. There is a legend going around that they had found an inner earth entrance. This does sound like myth but I like to think that the Vikings had more to there Quest of the North then exploration of the seas. The Eskimos did drive some settlements off the land but there were many more in the North West of Greenland. The thing is that no permanent settlements were found! It’s like they packed there bags one day and headed for greener pastures at the North pole!?

If anyone comes across information and/or links to this saga, please post it here.

Well, I hope it succeeds.  Good luck.

I also wish it luck, though I doubt it will find anything. I believe that Hollow Earth is not a place on the Earth (or in it) but a spiritual plane. Who knows? Maybe they'll find a portal.


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