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I vassilate on this question. As of right now, I think I would have to say yes, I would take that option. The way I would swing it is this:

I would enter society claiming to be twenty. I would then live my life as normal, counting birthdays, etc. until I was 40 or 50ish, perhaps older. When I reached an age at which my appearance would be suspicious, I would go into hermitude in a distant country and mull over what I had learned, absorb great literature and generally recover. After a decade or two, I would reenter society in a different area as a different person, restarting the cycle by claiming to be 20 and so on and so fourth.

Of course, the problem of love, friends, marriage and other such issues would make it entirely more difficult than I make it out to be, but given the choice, I would choose immorality.

That's a very difficult question.  I'd probably go with mortality however.  Humans weren't meant to last forever and nature ensures that.  Even if with the immortality helping your body there's always the possibility of the mind roting away into some twisted shadow of its former self.

Dark Lord M:
They have stopped the mouse's cells time clock, which meens it couldn't die from age and it couldn't catch diseases, but they havn't been able to do it to humans. Once they're able to they'll have to find out if its okay and not messing up with faith. o.O

How intriguing, could you post a link about that?

However, it isn't only a matter of faith.  It could even be scientifically stupid.  Because of conservation of mass, something cannot be created from nothing.  If humans are only being created (birth) and never die to return to the Earth then there will be an extreme loss of the necesary elements for all life.  So, all things physical need to die in order to return the elements for new life.  It's all a matter of inventory you see.

I don't want to come back.  I think one time through this strange maze of society, life with it's problems and pain is quite enough for me.

When my father died I called a friend to tell her.  She said, "GOOD FOR HIM!!! He got out of here!"

My friend and I are a little weird.



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