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Bush (hijacked from subject "how old is everyone here?")

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I know, I just hate when ppl use our leaders (Bush, the @#$%^&*!) as a stereotype for all of us

EDIT from The_Seeker:Just to clarify, this is a topic that is about anti-Bush etc.  Sorry for hijacking your post, it's just easier for everyone this way.

Dark Lord M:
I'm a Republican and I don't agree with everything Bush does. Especially the tap-phone-thing.

I hate the war in Iraq, I hate the running on deficet, I hate the depression, I hate the bad damn relations with other countries, I hate the sending illegal immigrants back home!!  All stuff the Bush Administration has done. :x :? :evil:


Dark Lord M:
I do kind of agree with the war on terror, they bite us, we bite them back. And the US bites hard!

... Erm that was kind of an odd statement... :lol:

Iraq isn't a war on terrorism, it's a war from stupidity


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